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  1. 1917 bolt stop modification (for rod)

    Don Awesome thanks Rod
  2. Change Of Heart

    well after hearing chucky and nancy rattle on about gun control I started doing my part and destroying all my mausers and enfields and springfields that hydraulic press works wonders bend barrels and the bend action with bolt in it the bolt will snap as the receive is bent n a U I am at over 150 done and almost half way I realized I was such a bad person to have coveted such evil items so I changed my ways. so happy to have a clear mind
  3. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

    mauser central ia alive under a new name mausercentral.net now
  4. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

    for me i can call him anytine for advice was a blast to have he and his 2 sons come east to pa. and spend a week deer hunting 3 years ago with hs youngest going home with a monster 6 point 19" spread
  5. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

    Mike Z1r has let his licence pass and has quit smithing sadly He and i are good friends actually he called and we were taling last night
  6. Fritz

    Miss the olde codger
  7. 1917 Enfield 270 Winchester / 270 Weatherby

    would have to take mesurements to see remember a 270 wea is not the long mag same length as a 270 win should still be fine just have to check
  8. 1917 Enfield 270 Winchester / 270 Weatherby

    shouldnt be a problem since if its 270 its a commercial bbl and will have sporter taper you should be good to go on it
  9. Past Weekend

    So Proud of Erin she worked so hard to achieve this she practiced constantly and she kept her head in it to win. PA. Outdoors JOAD State Championships female cub Olympic first place champion. — at Gold-N-Grain Archery.
  10. Sporterizing?

    perfect use for a turk bolt!!! cool Ken Rod
  11. For All You Wondering Mauser Central Members

    i know well thats what going on there sad some jerk is holding the domain name ransome
  12. Okay guys, this is hot off the press. Just got off the phone with Dave (TRAP55) concerning the site. He spent a lot of time on the phone talking with Lonnie (redneck). MauserCentral is now a lapsed domain name and was sniped by some a-holes out of Washington state. If we want to go one route, we can pay their ransom to get it back. The other, more viable option is to do a new website which is the way I think we need to go. At any rate, Lonnie is going to get the thing started sometime tonight and call Dave with the info. Dave has friends that are techie types who will help us get it up and running. Not sure right now what the new site will be called but it will be as close to Mauser Central as we can get it. Neither Dave or I have any idea of how much it will cost to do this but we have it covered, at least initially. This is not going to happen overnight but hopefully things will smooth out and we can be up and running in two weeks or less. At least that is the opinion that Dave and Lonnie have. If you have email, snail mail, or telephone contacts of other board members, please spread the word that all is not lost, that we are working on things, and hopefully we can pull this off in short order. Remember, patience is a virtue. LOL John Evaluate, adapt, and overcome
  13. Been A Rough Day Prayers Needed

    Thanks Guys hes doing very good should be home today Rod
  14. Been A Rough Day Prayers Needed

    he is doing very well should come home tomorrow
  15. Been A Rough Day Prayers Needed

    Well dad thought he had a tooth ache took some Tylenol and layed down and woke up at 345 and it was worse and his left arm was hurting and got mom up. She was like get in the car and rushed to Sharon regional. He was to get cathed this afternoon. He was sitting up at 7 am and got woozy and fell back and flat lined they had to zap him 2 times to get going again. Then they called in a crew for emergency cath and 3 of the bypasses from 2002 were clear but the one that is the most important that the dr. did was way too small to start with was 100% blocked and they put a stent in and he is not gray anymore is brighter and rosy and very alert now. Dad will have to stay a few days.