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  1. Putin On Christianity (Youtube)

    I'm a bit slack jawed to see a KGB guy saying such things. In Syria is he supporting or trying to kill Christians?
  2. Christmas According To Kids

    We watched this earlier in the week. This was very well played by the adults! Great Video!
  3. Merry Christmas To All!

    Hello. It has been just over three years since I was on the forum. It feels as though liife has been a whirlwind over the last five years. I have become a father in law, a grandfather and have hit the mid century mark. I haven't been working on Mausers. I'm not sure if I still have the bug. I have one complete and three projects. I have had the AR BUG for a couple years. After burning a hole in a coworkers ear getting AR info from him (two years of questioning) I finally took the plunge and built a varmint set up for long range shooting and hopefully some hunting along the way. I hope and pray that all are well. I'm sure that others have come and gone. I'll read and try to catch up a bit and hope to be around for a bit. lc
  4. Sweet Tea.

    I miss good southern Sweetea! I liked to order it half sweet and half unsweet. It isn't like syrup then but is still good with that strong tea flavor. When we moved up north I was shocked at what was served as iced tea! Tannin water is what it was :-)
  5. Some Ammo For Sale/8X57 Reloading

    This is all factory ammo. No reloads in it. 8mm ammo 26 count 170 gr soft points 25$ 22-250 Winchester 45gr jhp 17 rounds 14$ 30-06 125gr psp 8 count plus 2 rounds 10$ 32 win special 13 rounds 170gr powerpoint sp 15$ 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Norma brand 139gr Patroner 12 count 20$ I also have a 50 count box of 9mm Hydra-Shok 147 gr I'll take 50$. Let me know if you're interested. Can txt at 270 2 Five Zero two eight nine two Also have the following reloading components for 8x57. Remington 185 gr PSP 263 count 85$ Lee reloading Dies: 2 die set plus crimp die 30$ (3 dies total) 8x57 Mauser 108 ct 50$ AS A DISCLAIMER THESE COMPONENTS ARE FOR SALE ON ANOTHER SITE. Thanks for looking, lc
  6. The Red Line

    2 local counties have adopted official positions that they will not enforce new restricting gun laws. I've heard that a Sherrif in a local county has said that he will not enforce such laws. It is definitely time to stand.
  7. Bolt Welding Jig

    I have an older Brownells bolt welding Jig with 90 degree bend. Asking 25$.
  8. Wtb: Mauser 98 Parts

    I believe that I might have some top stocks for forearm for 98k. I have one for a Swedish. I'll check, Steve
  9. Clint's Speech At Rnc

    Not sure which was better. Clint or the Empty Chair! Loved both. lc
  10. Interfaithism Pushed Too Far Is Cowardly Surrender.

    Well said sir. Well said. I was terribly disappoint when President Bush appeared on stage with the Priest, Rabbi, Imam, Pastor (I don't remember the exact order or representation but it was multi-religious) at a 911 commemorative. That act further supported this nominal Christian thinking which is rampant within the church. lc ps. As I understand scripture, the affirmation of Christ's declaration that He is the only way further offends in that all other religions teach that man, of his own will, understanding and power can come to God and make things right, recognize his need. John 1:13 shreds this idea.
  11. Weaver Super Slam Scope's

    I'm not familiar with the super slam. However, I have a Grand Slam, about 6 years old. Very nice optics. Good dusk dawn light gathering. I've never used Leuopold so I can't make that comparison. If the super is more advanced than that grand it's got to be a good scope. lc
  12. 96 Swede - Good Candidate?

    Under 200 sounds like a good buy if the barrel is clean. If the barrel is bad? Sometimes they shoot well anyway. Will you have a chance to run a cleaning rod through the barrel? does it look like it's pitted? lc
  13. Knot In My Stock!

    Can you add color to the epoxy to make it blend? Another option is to take some Elmer's glue and the fine dust from sanding the wood and make a thick paste that can be used to fillthe void and stabilize. The dust will help blend in naturally. May want to play with a scrap to test.
  14. Knot In My Stock!

    Is the knot tight? Loose? Is opened or is the grain tight? Is it inside the barrel channel? Can you post a pic? Maybe a close up and one of the surrounding area? A lot will depend upon the characteristics of the grain around the knot when thinking about wood integrity. lc
  15. Happy Thanksgiving

    The history of the Puritan's is really pretty amazing. The revisionist historians have obvious motive to redefine what we understand of them. Like many, I grew up with a somewhat skewed understanding of their beliefs but a little study is all that is needed undo that. Their view of God and representative government, their influence, is the large reason that this country became a Republic.