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    northern calif.
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    I love what all rednecks love. Guns, Food, Fishing, Country music,T.C.O.B, My family and kids, and mainly keeping the government wondering what your up to.
  1. 11Echo's Birthday..

    Happy Birthday 11ECHO hope ya get what ya wanted...
  2. Great Birthday Today

    the friend and her mom came by. Brought me my B day gifts.. a jerky making gun,extra spcies and 3 lbs of black angus flank steak..looks like I'll be making jerky tomorrow...But of course our dog will be there to help supervise..He'll get his share and also will make him some more dried chicken jerky..
  3. Great Birthday Today

    Having a great birthday today..My daughter gave me a new camera cell phone,the BIL has a buyer for my Marlin 336W. Grilled a 2.79lb tri-tip.. with apple smoked bacon infused mashed potatoes and cold slaw... Now this evening my daughter's best friend is bring a gift by..Tih evenings dessert is a home made lemon merengue pie .... Couldn't get any better....
  4. New To The Site As Fordrunner..

    Hi again,this is strait shooter.. what a mess!! I finally remembered my sing in stuff.thanks for the help.. It's all written down and posted by my comp.. I've moved up to northern ca. about 15 miles from Redding..have been off so long and w/o a laptop or smart phone,I lost all contact with the internet. Been in the remote areas of northern ca.. been shooting wildlife video and covering bluegrass concerts... Will be producing a cd very soon..thanks for jogging my memory.hadn't been up to par in the health thing either lately..will go now and get some needed sleep..Dave Fc you can delete the post and my registration of fordrunner and this post too..f you want..Dave
  5. 338-8Mm Or 338X57?

    I built a 8mm-308 once!! ..It was a waste of time..Shot great but it was just a can I do it gun..sold it..Built a 8mm-300win mag more than enuff gun for any USA animal...To your Q ? yes it can be done but better carts out there as wildcats...JMOO..Dave
  6. I'm Back...just For A Few

    Hi everyone... Been really busy with my production co. I just finished aanother film.. Thought I would share the video with you all.. If you don't like it..No foul..LOL Here is the youtube link..
  7. Been Aol Lately

    FC.. no the death was expected..she'd been sick for a long time... We buried her 2 fridays ago and last week my wife's aunt died.. Now we have to bury her today... Still settling the MIL's estate..We'll be up here for another 4-6 weeks. Been busy keeping out of the way of the sisters..Working on the 8-300 for improvements...will chat woit h you folks again soon...Dave..aka strait shooter
  8. Prayers Needed

    prayers for a speedy recovery from Norcal...Dave
  9. Been Aol Lately

    Hi everyone..Sorry I've been AOL but my wife and I have been outta town for the past 2 months... The MIL had been very sick..She past way on the 13th of this month.. Been taking care of the arrangments.. will be playing her favorite song for her at the service on my keyboards.. The funeral will be this friday.. then WE go back down to our own home after the service. Will be back up here on monday eve.. hope to get on more often.. as we just got the net here last week.. I also forgot my sign in name etc... Oh stupid me for not writing it down, I did buy another computer for up here.. OH ...here is a small town called Cottonwood...about 20 miles from Redding,Ca. So should be back on the site with all you fine folks in a few more days.. Still got alot of things to settle and close for her...Dave
  10. 2 Complete Stocks For Sale

    the barrel is in good condition.. it's still chambered in 7.65 argentine mauser.. all my FIL kept was the action.. it has all top wood,sights on barrel,all metal bands and sling metal..from what I could tell the riflings looked deep.. will try to take a pic of the insides of the barrel.....Dave
  11. 2 Complete Stocks For Sale

    So far no takers..any offers??
  12. 2 Complete Stocks For Sale

    I have a 1909 argie mauser stock with 7.65 barrel.. the stock is complete with all metal minus the ramrod. I'm asking $100. I have a brazilian 1908/34 mauser stock complete.. asking $75 Will take offers or $150 for both shipped.. Shipping is included... thanks,Dave Pics on request,,can email me at... mauserman48@yahoo.com
  13. My New Occupation..

    Here is a couple of projects I done.. http://s190.photobucket.com/albums/z7/alpha7_album/?action=view&current=beach1-1.mp4 http://s190.photobucket.com/albums/z7/alpha7_album/?action=view&current=MyMovie.mp4
  14. My New Occupation..

    FC.. I was using Pinnacle Studio 12 software..It came with their DVD Recorder Plus video capture unit.. I think I paid about $55 for it. It lets you capture analog video and audio.It converts it into digital format on your comp..You can upload your vhs, analog Hi8 home movies to the comp or directly to a dvd... I do have 13 other specialty software for different projects such as adding water,rain,snow to stills and can emport it as wmv or avi for dvds and the net...I'm still a gun nut,just can't do much shooting cause of shoulders.. I can however do bench resting,just leave the cannons at home..I'm planning on purchasing Pinnacle studio 14 premium collection. It has a green screen also.. It's what the big boys use in LA,Ca for video production.. You can get it at Best Buy stores.I have some stills I've added movement to. I can make rivers,waterfalls, lakes,streams come to life. I can also add water to pictures that don't have water..Will post them in photobucket and upload a few here if you would like. thanks..Dave
  15. My New Occupation..

    Hi all, Now that I'm retired, I've been getting audio,video software and hardware. I took a short video of our dog last weekend.. I desided to up it some and insert my logo and the tittle pages with a few transitions...Hope you like it..Dave http://s190.photobucket.com/albums/z7/alpha7_album/?action=view&current=PlayTime.mp4