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  1. Mauser Action Sale! Plus 6Mm Rem Barrel

    No worries! thanks spiris! been thinking maybe i should just screw it together with the Steyr/VZ24 action and make an adjustable stock for my kids.
  2. Mauser Action Sale! Plus 6Mm Rem Barrel

    no idea on round count. bought it on ebay about 8-9 years ago. Can't remember exactly, but if sticks in my mind the guy said it was a new takeoff. also, being an idiot, i labeled it JC higgins, when it's actually marked Herter's J9. just goes to show you shouldn't trust your memory!
  3. Mauser Action Sale! Plus 6Mm Rem Barrel

    i'll see what kinda pics i can get of that barrel, Spiris. If you've got a lathe or access to one, it would be minutes to turn the offending section down.
  4. Mauser Action Sale! Plus 6Mm Rem Barrel

    no one needs any projects? MAKE ME AN OFFER!
  5. Mauser Action Sale! Plus 6Mm Rem Barrel

    for my friends here on the board, special deals! 6mm Remington barrel - $50 shipped THIS IS A STEAL! '93 Spanish Mauser package - $100 shipped two actions, three bolts, one barrel, & one stock! Steyr/VZ24 package - $120 shipped A real deal on some fantastic hardware! sorry, not C&R eligible. shoot me a PM if you're interested!
  6. Cleaning house, and you could be the lucky one to benefit! Photos of Mausers available here: http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a14/724wd/Mausers/ PM me here and I can get you my phone number/email. I am a C&R FFL, though only the 1893 is in a stock (but it might please your FFL that I have the paperwork). All prices shipped USPS with insurance. 6mm Remington barrel - JC Higgins take-off. Has pipe wrench marks over chamber, but not too deep. $85. (pics to come) -SPF- 1893 Oviedo Spanish Mauser complete sporter rifle, drilled and tapped for scope mounts, plus second action with barrel stub cut very close to the receiver. Also an extra bolt in very nice shape, but the extractor is a bit thick and drags on the actions. 1912 Chilean Steyr complete action. Beautiful action in the white. Zero corrosion. Great action, now for the bad news. Ham-fisted "gunsmith" used the wrong action wrench and twisted the action. He straightened it out (with a cresent wrench handle through the feed rails), though the bolt travels very smoothly. If you lay a straight edge on the bottom, it's not perfect, but in a bedded stock ??? Due to the damage to the receiver, I will include a VZ24 stripped receiver with a scrubbed crest. $160
  7. 6Mm Remington Mauser

    nice! i bought a herters 6mm barrel off ebay years ago. the 24/47 it's slated for is almost ready to accept the barrel. i'd be pleased if it turned out close to how your rifle shows.
  8. Winter Camouflage

    winter camo? check! http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/44951001/ns/today-relationships/t/he-turned-exs-wedding-dress-book-success?gt1=43001
  9. Fritz Birthday Today

    yeah, good ol' fritz! sure not as exciting without him
  10. Got A Life Back

    good to see you back!
  11. 22/250 Part For Magazine?

    i hated that kit. the spring was formed wrong and the block looked terrible. ymmv
  12. '09 Bear Mount

    just got this guy back last week. not a very big bear, but my first "black" black bear. the others i've shot have been color phase. i am ECSTATIC with this mount! it's a research mannikin form, modified with a closed mouth and relaxed paws. i want to add a branch with a hornets nest on it, but it's great as is for the moment. shot this guy while blood trailing a deer. he was running down the trail at me and i shot him at 15 yards.
  13. Butterknife Bolt Handles

    what kind of steel is that don? looks like a nice project.