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  1. Unique Garand

    Well, it certainly is unique--I'll give it that . With a fixed bayonet, it would make an excellent tomato stake. 03
  2. Ok I'll start it up

    I only have two M-Ns--an M91 from the late 1890's with an Austrian WWI capture mark and A Chinese communist copy of the M44 dating from the mid '50s. I might acquire a Finn one of these days, but don't really have any mania to collect any more of them. I like M-Ns, but not nearly as much as garands, springfields, lee enfields, and American enfields. I dunno, M-Ns were cheap, simple, reliable, and served their purpose perfectly (said purpose being to provide a spear with a built-in noisemaker to the untrained hoardes of eastern Europe) but I prefer the more sophisticated milsurps. 03