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Found 2 results

  1. Santa Fe Supreme 44

    good morning, I decided to post about my Enfield, from my research it's a Santa fe Supreme 44. Aftermarket barrel with buckhorn sites added. the charger bridge has been cut down and it was drilled for a side mount. I'm inclined to believe that this is one of the prettiest sporters i've seen. I've taken it hunting for hogs, it will continue to be my "bacon maker" till i can find another shorter enfield or a nice 30-30. A few years back it cost me about $250 with a couple boxes of ammo. has anyone found a scope mount that would fit those holes? This one isn't of me, she's prettier than I am.
  2. New Member

    Hello, Finally getting around to posting. I'm a Massachusetts born Floridian, i'm a student currently studying to be a paramedic. Between being a new husband and shortly after that a new father and a student my gun money is pretty slim. The result of my skinny piggy bank is i started looking at milsurp rifles. I have a soft spot for sporters; knowing that someone might have carried this rifle in combat, then at some point someone else used this to provide for their family is so cool.Each sporter is as much a piece of history as it is folk art. i'll post my meager collection in the appropriate sub forums in the next day.