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M95 Project! Completed! Almost! And It Works Too!

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Here is another one I have been working on for a while. I never shot this in it's original caliber. Had it rebarreled to 44 mag from a blank. Then I reamed it up to 445 SM. Bedded and free floated barrel. Used the original military stock and began sculpting it to my taste by thinning and adding walnut to it. If memory serves that is a redfield M70 base that I leveled to action and bore. It is permanently welded to action using cold weld, once I got all the shims in place. A set of Redfiled low rings topped off by 4-12x40 redfield scope. I plan on swapping that down to a redfiled 2-7x33 and if I can find em x-low rings (if they exist) for better eye alignement and to better suit the 445 SM ballistics. Buttstock is a tad (1/4 to 3/8 inch low) for proper eye alignement so I might add a leather laceup cheekrest. Not sure yet cause it is real close to being good. I am working on inlaying some spent 44 mag/445SM brass in the sling stud hole left when i removed the military one. Topped off with Uncle Mikes studs and swivels. I may checker or have it checkered in the future. Just need to decide if I am going DIY or send it out. Added a Limbsaver recoil pad to replace the steel buttplate.


Action was converted to single shot and bottom metal removed. I'll still need to get a nice leather strp or sling for it for hunting deer. Still has the original two stage military trigger which once you take up the slack breaks very cleanly with moderate pressure. Not as nice as a timney, but not bad either.




Load development has shown very promising results.










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JB Weld Epoxy. Says so on the package... :)

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You are doing a great job with a very special rifle!


As it has been a few months, have you finished the stock? and just as important, have you taken a deer with it?


Thanks for sharing.



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