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.375 Fne 2 1/2 Reamers Needed

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Yep I am needing .375 Flanged Nitro Express reamers.

I have a 1909 BSA No1 MkIII barrel that JES Rifle Boring will be boring and rifling for me (3 groove) but I will be doing the chamber work myself.

I am in no great hurry sometime this summer would be great.

Any help, suggestions etc...?

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4D reamers, check. Thank you! And as the project goes I will start posting pictures, that is if I can figure that out. Good thing Dr Hess is here as he seems to be able to fix my computer faux pas :rolleyes:.

I am going for a replica Lee Speed look. Might like to even stamp Speedy Lee on the wrist just for giggles.

And I believe in doing more than one project at a time. Seems to keep me going while waiting for parts pieces to come in or back from a specialist.

Getting help here in the North American Milsurps too.

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