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6.5Mm 160 Gr Bullets

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.267" in diameter, nearly 1-1/4 long!! Some kind of Groove at rear and Hollow based. like the second from rt. below.



I found these in my "Stash". I don't remember using them...[i don't however, remember everything!] CRS!!!

Maybe from my deceased partner.

Anyway...what would be the Application??

Swede??? Carcano?? Something else??


Excuse my Ignorance, and help me cure it....Thanks

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Are the jacketed bullets .267??

Yes...They are just like the Bullet shown above..second from right. The one with a single "groove" at base, and a hollow Base.


Looking around, they are probably for a Carcano??

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I spent a lot of time trying to make a calvary carbine accurate with any bullet. I believe it was a gain twist rifle barrel cut down to carbine and so was hopeless. A friend gave it to me "for free" knowing I wouldn't be able to resist spending hours trying to make it run. He still laughs about it.

No wonder Il Dulce was hung upside-down.

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