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On 300 Aac Blackout

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No, I haven't.  I have some 30 cal jacketed bullets for 30-06, but mostly big heavy round nose stuff that my big Mauser likes, and those cost me like 30 cents each 25 years ago.  The 300BO is kind of a strange round.  The bullet needs to be long and pointy to feed right.  If you look at a store-bought 300BO 220GR round, like the box of SIG stuff I bought at about a buck each, the bullet tapers off real fast after the neck, but the loaded round is as long as a 223.  I did look for bullets like that at Midway and Brownells, but I couldn't find anything.


Using a sizing die as a crimper has been working out really well.  No problems at all with the bullet coming apart or not feeding.  I should take some pics. 


Midway got the Redding 300BO taper crimp die in stock yesterday.  Just for the hell of it, I ordered it.  I've spent so much time and money on this project, what's another forty bucks?  I know I've cast, powdercoated, loaded and shot well over 1K rounds trying to get this right.  I've never developed a load this thoroughly before.  It is pretty handy to load up 5 or 10 rounds in the evening, walk outside and dump them into a tree stump to test, then go back to the loading bench and try something else.  Much handier than the way I used to have to do it:  Load up a bunch, drive to the range, set up, shoot, take down, drive back home, think about changes to make and wait for another opportunity to test.

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