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If You Are Voting In Georgia.... Read This

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There doesn't seem to be any limit to the dirty tactics of the Democrats. Now it appears murder is in their handbook.


While I was an active union officer I could see through the propaganda but probably 90% of the workforce bought the baloney. We were told our jobs were at stake at every national election. Other doom and gloom, we'd be privatized, our jobs would be outsourced, lose seniority rights, pension destroyed, lose accumulated paid leave to just name a few. The Democrat politicians some how blamed the Republicans for everything that went wrong. Gas prices, utility bills, crime, pollution were all the fault of the Republicans and the wealthy. I'll never forget the utopian society and workplace we were promised from a pep talk at our national convention from a video by Al Gore followed by a live speech from his wife Tipper. Can't recall the name of a Congress Woman that proposed raising the level of our positions to the same pay grade as managers.


One of the biggest loses of Democrat supporters the past 20 years are the veteran orgs. Started way back actually in the late 60's. The Vet orgs, organized labor including the AFL-CIO and Teamsters jumped ship. Supported Nixon over the wimp George McGovern. Today the Democrats, snowflakes especially seem to disrespect Veterans. I'll never forget watching a news report during the Obama/ McCain election. An elderly black guy was selling D.A.V. flag pins by the entrance of a Democrat rally being physically attacked.


Sorry guys!! Caught myself thinking out loud, rambling away at the keyboard again. Feel like I'm finally awakened from shut-in disease after being down for the past few weeks. I've been spending to much time in bed watching Fox News and getting totally disgusted with the Demoncrat's childish tactics.


Be interesting here in Phoenix next few days 120 predicted for Tuesday!!.

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