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Smith & Wesson Rebates

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Couldn't resist it. Ordered a 40 S&W Shield. Net cost will be apx 220 including local FFL fee. Thx to the internet age about an hour after ordering it. Got spammed from Sportsman's Warehouse. Winchester 40 S&W ammo only 10 bucks per box of 50 with free shipping with $75.00 order. Got 8 boxes on the way along with a IWB holster for the Shield that appeared in the same ad.


S&W rebates end this month. If you're sitting on the fence considering a S&W. Check out a company named GunPro. com. They also have some terrific prices on Marlin lever action rifles with generous rebates.


EDIT: Just went and looked at Gunpro's website. Unfortunately they jacked up the prices on S&W. Got this a couple days ago. Don't know if the Marlin prices are still the same or the end date on Marlin rebates.



I'd love to get a Marlin 44 mag lever rifle but just can't afford it. Thought about selling my Rossi 44 lever to help cover the cost but I just couldn't sell it and sleep nights. Good accurate shooter especially with cast lead but a consistant jam-a-matic. .

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