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I Just Love Shooting Range Safety Nazis!

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Today at the range while I was mooning and demooning 45 ACP revolver clips. I was tapped on the shoulder "gunsmithing not allowed on range". I replied ok and continued. Tapped on the shoulders again "what are you doing". Told him what I was doing. He stuttered, made a clicking sound then angrily walked away. He returned with an older more mature range employee. As they watched I pretended I didn't see them and continued loading the clips. With foam plugs and ear muffs I couldn't hear what was said but the young PIA guy spent a good deal of his time behind me watching everything I was doing.


Guess I had a mean streak in me. Rapid firing or not having a target in place is not allowed. I packed up everything except my Taurus 92. I removed the target, took the garbage to the can swept the steel brass, picked up the brass brass and loaded my bag on to my collapsible dolly. After giving the Nazi every indication I was leaving. I picked up the Taurus and sent 16 rds down range as fast as the could. Not sure because my ears were still plugged. I think he asked if I hit anybody's target. I pretended not to hear him and walked out. He followed me to the checkout counter and as soon as I removed the he hearing protection. "Rapid firing not allowed here at Shooters World" I just said ok and left.

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Everyone is so fu*&^&G afraid at the ranges that the fun is almost gone.

Dont do this and dont do that? GAD

What they should be doing,,,what the old RM used to do...helping people learn to shoot ..they dont do or I suspect even know how to do.

Idiots on a power trip.


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