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Feds Troll Legal Gun Sellers At Dem Request

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Here is an interesting article from WND.com





Dems learn it's harder to buy guns illegally online than they thought Congressional investigation: Targeted sellers even 'froze' accounts set up by suspicious purchaser

In fact, the report from the Government Accountability Office reveals that the websites run by the sellers even took action against the wannabe buyers multiple times.


The new report said, “Tests performed on the Surface Web demonstrated that private sellers GAO contacted on gun forums and other classified ads were unwilling to sell a firearm to an individual who appeared to be prohibited from possessing a firearm.”


The report continued, “Of the 72 attempts agents made to purchase firearms on the Surface Web, 56 sellers refused to complete a transaction. 29 sellers stated they would not ship a firearm and 27 refused after the disclosure of the undercover identities’ stated prohibited status. Furthermore, in 5 of these 72 attempts, the accounts GAO set up were frozen by the websites, which prevented the agents from using the forums and attempting to make a purchase.”


Washington watchdog Judicial Watch noted the significant of the results of the investigation, which was instigated by “two fierce anti-gun members of Congress.”


The report said, “Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren demanded the probe in the aftermath of mass shootings and the investigative arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), conducted a lengthy covert operation to try to purchase firearms illegally from Internet dealers.”


Said the analysis, “All 72 of congressional investigators’ attempts to purchase a firearm illegally via the surface web were unsuccessful, slamming Cummings’ and Warren’s claims that guns are easily obtained by criminal elements on the Internet.”


It explained many of the sellers or dealers were alarmed – enough to shut down the conversations – because of revelations of a shipping address across state lines, “or a prohibition by law from owning firearms.”

“In their ardent push to ban guns Cummings and Warren, both high-profile Democrats, questioned whether the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) was enforcing gun laws involving transactions facilitated by the Internet. The lawmakers asked the GAO to investigate whether online private dealers sell firearms to prohibited individuals. The probe was conducted from July 2015 to November 2017, in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.


“It turns out that the ATF’s Internet Investigations Center, created to investigate buyers and sellers who use the Internet to facilitate illegal firearms transactions, is indeed doing its job efficiently, according to the bipartisan GAO,” Judicial Watch said.

“The center uses several tools to provide investigative support to ATF, which has resulted in the arrests of individuals using the Internet to facilitate illegal firearm purchases,” the GAO report states.

Both Warren and Cummings long have opposed Americans owning guns.


“Last year Cummings joined House Democrats in a protest against congressional inaction on gun violence, stating, ‘Every year, tens of thousands of Americans die as a result of gun violence.'”

He claimed, “The American people are fed up with inaction and so am I. It is time for House Republicans to treat gun violence like the scourge on our country that it is.”


Judicial Watch reported, “Warren has also been on a longtime warpath against Americans’ rights to own firearms, proclaiming that ‘Rambo-style assault weapons’ should be banned. The liberal icon co-sponsored a 2013 law to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. She warned her colleagues during a speech on the Senate floor last year that Congress would have ‘blood on our hands’ if assault weapons aren’t banned.”


The investigators also made seven gun purchase attempts on the “dark web,” essentially that portion of the Internet world that disregards state and federal laws regarding guns, pornography, drugs and more, and two were successful.


GAO referred those cases to local law enforcement for potential prosecution.


The remainder of the 72 attempts involved apparent scams, with people taking money for a weapon, but never delivering, or not giving the appearance of legitimacy.


The GAO noted in its report that the members of Congress had wanted the reults withheld from the public for at least 30 days after completion of the report.


So, what we had happen here is two anti-Constitution Democrats (I repeat myself) tasked the GAO, an accounting agency, with setting up unsuspecting people on the net for a felony so they could prosecute them and use it as propaganda to disarm the rest of us. And they failed to find any legitimate sellers to fall for it, getting their accounts locked in the process. This is why I ask people to always mention "ships only to FFL..." when they list a receiver or complete gun for sale.


And if anyone tries to convince you to do something illegal or even "fuzzy" or questionable, please post in Chewing the Cud, or IM me or FC if you're uncomfortable, what is going on and we will ban them too.

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Another article on this:

From: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/01/08/dem-ordered-study-to-expose-illegal-online-gun-sales-backfires.html




Dem-ordered study to expose illegal online gun sales backfires

The Government Accountability Office said they were largely unsuccessful in attempting to illegally purchase guns online. (Reuters)

A Democrat-backed study meant to expose illicit online gun sales instead seemed to show the opposite -- with hardly any sellers taking the bait when undercover investigators tried to set up dozens of illegal firearm transactions.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., as well as Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, had commissioned the Government Accountability Office report to look into how online private dealers might be selling guns to people not allowed to have them.

Their efforts were based on a 2016 report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which claimed that “anonymity of the internet makes it an ideal means for prohibited individuals to obtain illegal firearms.”

“Congressional requesters asked that GAO access the extent to which ATF is enforcing existing laws and investigate whether online private sellers sell firearms to be people who are not allowed or eligible to possess a firearm,” the GAO report said.

Over the course of the two-and-a-half year investigation, agents tried to buy firearms illegally on the “Surface Web” and the “Dark Web,” generally by sharing their status as “prohibited individuals” or trying to buy across state lines.

But the GAO revealed that their 72 attempts outside of the dark web were all “unsuccessful.”

“Private sellers on Surface Web gun forums and in classified ads were unwilling to sell a firearm to our agents that self-identified as being prohibited from possessing a firearm,” the GAO reported, noting that in their “72 attempts ... 56 sellers refused to complete a transaction once we revealed that either the shipping address was across state lines or that we were prohibited by law from owning firearms.” In the other cases, the investigators' website was frozen or they encountered suspected scammers.

On the dark web, GAO agents successfully purchased two guns illegally, as the serial numbers on the weapons were “obliterated” and “shipped across state lines.” But in the attempt to purchase, the GAO agents “did not disclose any information indicating they were prohibited from possessing a firearm.”

Based on the findings of the study, the GAO said it is “not making recommendations in this report.”

Cummings, Warren and Schatz did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the GAO’s findings.

The National Rifle Association seized on the report to claim that online sales are in fact regulated, calling the study an "embarrassment" for the gun control lobby.

“GAO’s findings showed nothing so much as that private sellers advertising online are knowledgeable about the law, conscientious, and self-policing,” The National Rifle Association said, adding that online gun sales are “subject to the same federal laws that apply to any other commercial or private gun sales.”

The NRA described the study as an attempt to model the findings of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2015 report, titled “Point, Click, Fire: An investigation of illegal online gun sales,” which found that 62 percent of private sellers were willing to proceed with a sale, even if the prospective purchaser could not pass a background check.



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I missed this thread, must have been posted during the website problems. I follow Phoenix Backpage gun ads looking for trades. I recall seeing some handgun ads asking for an inflated price, higher than brand new out the door from a FFL. The ads mention private sale, no background check, no paperwork. I highly suspect those ads being either law enforcement or a fishing expedition by one of the gun grabber orgs. 

Ive scared away a few potential deals by claiming to be a retired Deputy. According to a Casa Grande cop I did a trade with. Against the law to impersonate a LEO but nothing he was aware of about claiming to be retired. One guy emailed "go away lawman" after I asked if he had any outstanding warrants and be willing to show ID. A few others saying they just sold it or got better offer which might or might not have been true. Deputy scares away illegal aliens as the Az Sheriffs won't hesitate to arrest illegals while city cops tend to turn a blind eye to their immigration status. 

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