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Rebarreling a Lee-Enfield

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I've got half a mind to rebarrel a No.4 Mk1 to make an old British express rifle like some pictures recently looked saw online. I am watching the pawn shops in hopes of finding a nice unD/T'd No. 4 to work from and in the mean time, I'm contemplating tooling.


I give up; has anyone here yanked the barrel on a LE before? Fritz? Anyone? I've asked a couple guys and was basically told that its a PITA, but nothing especially different from pulling a tight Mauser barrel.


Will my Wheeler action wrench work? I have dug neither the my wrench nor my No.4 out to compare - does anyone know right off hand?


And, do you do anything special with regard to the barrel vice? I have what amounts to a B-Square barrel vice was hoping to get by with this.


What I don't want to do is mangle a receiver.


What I do want is a classic Express style .303 without the military look to it. I've already a bazillon other projects going, so why not one more? Heck, I may even try to mount a scope on this with some type of QD mounting system.


If anyone has any input on how to dissamble one of these, I would appreciate your candor and experience.





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Guest Guest_mr1_*

I've never seen a Wheeler wrench, I have Brownell's SMLE setup. The ones I've removed, I cut a relief at the reciever, they all come off easier that way. I poseted my home made scope mount in the Enfield section.


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