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Mosin Sporter

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It started as a Century Arms 5 for $70.00 PI "poor incomplete" purchase I

made before I knew what PI stood for :-) .

The stock was shattered and all I got was a 1955 Romanian barreled

action with no bayonet lug and a slight bend at the end of the barrel

that I suspect happened when whoever or whatever removed the bayonet lug.It had a

barrel obstruction and a coat of rust over the entire gun....The barrel

obstruction turned out to be a rolled up piece of paper the length of

the barrel and the rust was from no bluing what so ever..After I ran a

few patches through the barrel I was rewarded with what appears as a NEW


So I cut it to 16 1/2 to get rid of the bent part and recrowned with a

carriage bolt and grinding compound.Draw filed the lath marks off the

barrel and action,and redid the front sight with a blade from a scrap of


I really like the mannlischer style stock so I ordered a stock from

Boyds along with a extra piece of walnut for the stock extension.

The front nose cap is a Yugo Mauser bayonet lug without the lug and the

barrel band that hides the splice came from the same rifle,The butt

plate is a flip flop glued to a piece of aluminum .So far I have 4 coats

of Lin-Speed oil on it and 6 more to go.I Painted the metal with

Dura-coat and The magazine and "Boltman" bolt came from my other Mosins

[Yes it headspaces just fine].Any it also shoots just fine in spite of

the short barrel,I use Czech hollow core ammo in it so as to keep my

shoulder in joint..And it DOES have a fireball!!!

I am sure I forgot some more steps that I did but I sure had fun

rebuilding what many would concider a "Dumpster" gun....

Thanks for Reading!




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I've had some luck with 4198 with the short barrels for reduced fire ball production. But sometimes fire balls are part of the fun.


This is the best arguement for the value of sporterization that I've seen in a while. Really, really nice work. Excellent creativity, and no Bubba rough edges.

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The motto of the site is "Turning Junk into Things of Beauty". You cetainly did that, by your description of what you started with. It looks super nice and is fun to shoot too. Doesn't get any better than that.





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Thanks for all the kind words guys,I am thinking REAL hard about a butterknife bolt handle and I still need to replace the front sight and rear with a ramp and peep.The sights are only secured now with epoxy and will be easy to heat and remove,It needs another coat of Guncoat and that will be when I do the sights...

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Nicely done. A butter knife would be neat.

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