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Hello Guys


After a long lurk and much looking at you posts it seems only polite to introduce myself. I'm a firearms "tinkerer" from Invercargill, in New Zealands deep south (below 46 S !!). I'm completely in awe of the work and expertise you guys here share, and feel very privileged to be able to look on.


I'm very keen on building sporters (I do the final shaping and finishing of the stock, metalwork is done by professionals) on Mauser 98's, especially Brno actions. I don't have a lot of them but am always on the lookout for something better than I have now - recently someone posted elsewhere that they are always trying to build their "everthing rifle" and that is also me to a "t".


My current project is a 1935 VZ 33 that will have a Orbendorf Model B style bolt handle, and hopefully if I can find a pattern, an english style stock. There is a Wather Lothar 250 cal barrel on order and I'm going to chamber it in good old 257 Roberts.


There is also a Brno large ring stashed away, and a G33/40 with a very hacked stock but pristine action for sale here by auction where the price has not yet gone mad, so maybe I'll luck onto that.


If anyone has any ideas on who might do a good semi inlet (for a VZ 33) of my blank to a "modern" english stock pattern I'd love to hear about them.


Cheers - Foster

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The Biesens have a some nice stocks however the actions he patterns for are limited. If he doesn;t have what yuou want then I might suggest this: if you can find a suitable pattern for a std 98, glass bed your action into it, then send the pattern off to be duplicated.


You might check with:


Ed Shulin

16511 Co. Rd. 75. Trinidad, CO 81082 USA

Voice: 1-719-846-2301


Hopefully he can get you a std stock to work with then depending on how closely you want the final stock to be inletted/finished you can shop around.

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