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45 Acp Rifle Data

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I have one of the kits for the Mauser in 45acp, and am needing data for loads that will group at 100 yards.


Can't give you the numbers but can say from my experience shooting a friend's 45 ACP rifle way back in the mid 70's. He swore by 2400 powder. 2400. On the slow side for handguns, a preferred powder for many magnum handgun loads and may be a good choice to take advantage of th extra barrel length. I shoot a bunch of 45 ACP in pistols and revolvers and my preferred load is 4.0-4.5 of Bullseye shooting home cast slugs weighing 190-240. Bullseye is super accurate in pistols but near the top of fast burning powders. My hunting bud's was converted with an 03A3 with a kit from Numrich or SARCO. If I remember right it used Grease Gun mags and he had to work on the mags with a file. It was a cool rifle. Recoil felt like a 22RF and the report was on the same level as a 22 mag revolver. He brought it along on a dove hunt and we wound up spending more time with the 45 rifle than shotgunning dove. I remember taking a shot at a frog with it and missed.


Can't get to it at the moment but I have some older Hercules manuals. I'll look tomorrow and see if they have any recommended loads using the slower burning powders like 2400 or Blue Dot. If I forget don't feel you're being rude giving me a swift kick in the donkey, sending me a reminder.

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M.D. Smith's site is a good one, just drop start loads around 10% as mentioned on his opening statement. He shows some carbine loads, but no 2400 loads. About the slowest powder listed is Blue Dot.




From Handloads dot com site, a couple 2400 loads, again drop 10% to start. These are +P loads.






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