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Belgian Eclipse Hercules Fixed Up

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A long time ago I bought an antique Belgian Eclipse Hercules hammered double barrel shotgun. The right firing pin was a mess. It had a screwed on copper strap where the stock was broken. The forearm wood kept falling off. Basically, a $100 wall hangar, at best. I glued the stock, but still haven't gotten the screw holes stained properly, but am trying. I tried to buy a firing pin assembly, but it didn't screw in easily. I tried to make a split screwdriver to screw it in, but it bent. In desperation, I used a punch as a friendly persuader and got it to screw in. Not pretty, but it the gun fires both barrels. I'm sticking with low brass. The forearm piece kept falling off. I acetylene welded an addition to the retaining hook under the barrel. It still fell off. I added a bit more metal, and now it's just fine. Nice looking old gun.

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The second picture shows the firing pin assembly before insertion.


Yo FC, here are a couple of pics of my Belgian Eclipse Coach Gun. 20" barrels in 12 Ga.





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