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Silicone Ear Plugs

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Guess it is old age as the shape of my ears, ear canal changed or the silicone plugs shrank.The custom fit silicone ear plugs I had made about 15 years ago no longer fit. Any suggestions on how to go about finding another set? There used to be a gunshow vendor in the Phoenix area that would make them but I haven't seen him for a few years.


Today I called a hearing aid facility and their prices start at $150.00 along with a free hearing test I didn't ask for. Hope I don't insult any members of this group but over the years I have grown to mistrust hearing aid facilities and their salesman.in particular. I declined when asked to set an appointment but was still offered an appt for the free hearing test. I told the sales person I have an annual hearing test and have been using the same Dr for apx 20 years. She responded by asking if my Dr has the new state of the art testing equipment. Being caught off guard with the question. I responded with "ahhh" and before I could get a word out. She started telling me all about their testing equipment. I just hung up the phone and was promptly called back. "Oh we must have been cut off". I said "no I hung up intentionally" and slammed the phone down.


So I'm back to square one. I'm sure there are honest legitimate hearing aid facilities that will make silicone plugs for considerably less than 150 bux without my having to deal with Honest John's Used Cars type sale people and tactics. I was so discouraged after calling the one facility I threw in the towel.


I used the silicone plugs when regular muffs alone were not enough. Shooting next to a shooter with a muzzle brake is a good example. I also used the plugs when muffs were either impractical or inconvenient to carry like dove and quail hunting. I also like the silicone plugs when doing yard work, running mower, weed eater and chain saw especially. It gets hot and sweaty under the muffs and they constantly have to be adjusted to stay in place. Past year or so I've been using expandable foam plugs. The foam plugs, better than nothing at all but they are no where near as good as custom fit silicone for killing noise.


So if I haven't bored you away by with my venting about my irritation with sales people. Any suggestions on how to obtain custom fit silicone plugs will be appreciated. Please keep in mind I'm a cheapskate. My ear drums will also thank you!!

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I'm not sure who would make those except maybe an audiologist's office. I use foam earplugs with ear muffs with good results. I can only speak for me, but if I wanted silicone earplugs, I'd order the material online, have my wife put cotton in my ear canals, and pour my own. I'd use impression material from a dental laboratory supply.

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