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Krag Sporter

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#1 Limpid Lizard

Limpid Lizard
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Posted 10 June 2008 - 10:16 AM

I picked this up at an estate sale. The gentleman that owned it previously died at age 93 last December. It came with 3 boxes of Remington ammo marked $5.19. I paid $225. I have had a soft spot for Krags for a long time. This one has a commercial barrel, is 30/40 still and wears a Redfield peep and front sight. The scope mount is a Pachmayr mounted directly over the bore and can be tipped to eject a round, spent brass, or use the peep. The scope appears to be a Weaver 2.5 with a post and crosshair reticle. I am guessing it to be a 2.5. It is very clear. All in all, this is one nicely done old style sporter. I hope you guys enjoy the pics.

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#2 AzRednek

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Posted 10 June 2008 - 11:49 AM

Good catch!! I am as they say, green with envy.

#3 Clemson

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Posted 10 June 2008 - 01:51 PM

That's a great rifle, LL!

Clemson smile.gif

#4 MarkTX

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Posted 10 June 2008 - 06:32 PM

Very nice looking and quite interesting.

#5 bcp477

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Posted 15 June 2008 - 05:49 PM

Very nice ! I have always been interested in Krags. I always have LIKED the magazine design....I can't really understand why it was poo-pooed by the military establishment(s) of the time, in favor of the Mauser stripper clip design. I can't see an advantage, really...in a practical, field use sense. Perhaps the Mauser design IS quicker in use...but not much. The Krag magazine is simpler in operation and so much more elegant in concept. If only the Krag bolt design was up to the higher-pressure loads needed to make it competitive with the Mauser-pattern arms, perhaps it would have been more successful and longer-lived as a standard-issue weapon. Anyway, I have always wanted a Krag....but probably will never have one.
Congratulations on a great find !

#6 Limpid Lizard

Limpid Lizard
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Posted 16 June 2008 - 07:08 AM

You never know. A few years ago I was wishing I had a decent Krag, either sporter or original. Someone gave me an Arisaka, and I traded it for a poorly sported Krag. It cleaned up nicely and makes a good shooter. Often it is the rifle that never gets put down when I take others to the range. They just gravitate towards it.

Then I had a chance to pick a 100% original Krag rifle very reasonalbly. I could not afford to pass it up, and now it resides in my safe. And then there is this one. I will probably hunt with this one. I may bed it a little better, but other than that and a little oil on the stock, I will leave it as is. LL

#7 Frank46

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Posted 19 March 2011 - 01:52 AM

WhenI lived in New york I had just about given up on finding a decent krag that I could afford. Most were in bad shape except for a few really nice ones. Course the nice ones went for big$$$. Went to a small local show out on Long Island. Nothing there that called out to me. Getting ready to call it a day and spotted a chopped up 1898 Krag rifle. Bore looked decent, stock had a 1900 cartouche, and the rear sight was the later 1901 with the sergants peep. Best price was only $180. So she came home with me. I swear the more I cleaned that rifle the deeper the lands became. Must have spent at least a good solid week cleaning and scrubbing. wasn't casting bullets at the time but at another show bought ten boxes rem 180gr round nosed ammo for 14$ a box. Front sight was a commercial job on a ramp. Bead was hard to see. Had a wedler buddy drop a brass drop of brazing wire on the existing bead and i cleaned it up. Krag would keep most shots within 3" at 100yds. When I get to starting again with cast bullets I expect to do better. Frank

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