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Kurdish Women And Children Fighting To The Death Against Isis

07 October 2014 - 01:22 PM

The daily mail online is reporting that Kurdish women and children are now fighting to the death against ISIS.


For some reason I cant post a link,


But Kurdish grandmothers and little girls have picked up AK's against ISIS. Their town has been over ran and they have no where to go. Its either fight or die.


I find it interesting how there is NO political correctness BS when a persons life and family is on the line.


Just my opinion but to many people in the ole USA don't have a clue of the world and just how bad it can get.


The American people don't know hunger nor do they know what is to fight for their lives.


I think the average Woman in this country would wet their pants if they had to face the type of fight that the Kurdish women and children are fighting today