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In Topic: Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

29 July 2017 - 09:20 PM

Well, dunno who is beating your head, but they know squat about antennas.  There are plenty of examples of two antennas on one coax on the same frequency.  Google up "phased array." 

BTW, I did this stuff for a living once.  People paid me very good money for it.  Besides 40 years of amateur experience.

I appreciate your feedback, and I'll look into it. This is generally what I've found:






Again, I'm partway done with my 180 degree project, and if everything works right I'll just need one antenna. My locale has no surviving VHF (OK, the one VHF PBS channel has a UHF counterpart), so I only need to worry about UHF.

In Topic: Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

28 July 2017 - 07:40 PM

Two Yagis connected to the same length coax with a splitter would probably work for you, GN.  Point one Yagi at each of your source antenna sets.  That would give you some gain.  If they are not that far away, a simple dipole has two main nodes 180 degrees apart, 90 degrees from the axis.  No gain, but it would pull in from both sides.

I've had it beat in my head that you can't do that; you'd need a rectifier for that. I could do it with an A/B switchbox, though.


You can combine antennas on the same cable with a splitter, provided the antennas don't overlap on frequencies; a VHF-only and a UHF-only would be fine together.


I'm in the process of building a GH0, element-only antenna. With no reflectors, I can get 180 degrees. It'll be a larger version of the flat wall antennas that are in vogue right now.

In Topic: Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

27 July 2017 - 09:03 PM

It was an GE Pro Yagi. And I got it aimed at Kansas City. Think of moving it more to the west just an hair to see if rrwo other cgenbal clear up. Range say up to 70 miles and it was free so I can not complain not one bite. Used my Wal-Mart saving catcher to pay for it. Rob

Yagi antennas are very directional with a narrow beam width. Great for sources in a single direction.


I have two banks of antennas 180 degrees apart. I'll need something different.

In Topic: 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

21 July 2017 - 06:02 PM

Would love to see the solid rear bridge conversion.

Actually not as bad as you might expect. The stock design actually is very good at reducing felt recoil and of course a pad. In fact, the stock is so comfortable to shoot in the bigger bores I used it on the .375 Flanged Magnum project. Also a MN action.


Currently I have 3 stalking rifles built on hex receiver MN actions. ALL came from guns that had been chopped up by someone else. I personally do not believe in taking a good military bolt gun and chopping it if it is a serviceable sample or can be restored to one. Just me.


The calibers are, .50-110 WCF, .405 WCF and the .375 Flanged Magnum. The last one was done a little differently as it has a solid rear bridge where the split bridge used to be and the bolt handle moved back.


If anyone is interested I can post a couple of pictures or at least I think I can.

In Topic: Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

20 July 2017 - 08:24 PM

Bought one for about 35 bucks and installed it the attic. Ran the cable to the garage and to the splinter. I get about 35 channels. Very happy with it. Saved an fee bucks.


Which model? Did you "aim" it?