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In Topic: Remington Reporting Sales Decline

24 November 2015 - 11:03 PM

"Is Remington getting eaten up by competition or do you think the peak sales and shortages created after Obama's election are finally over?"
Depends on how the competition looks on paper.
The market has changed.
Remington's rise to dominance arose after WWII with the introduction of less-expensive, simplified-production firearms. The 721/722 Rifles (and their descendents, the 700 rifle series) with their 3-piece brazed bolts, sheet metal stamping, and "alloy" parts, undercut the competition in terms of price, while retaining (if not improving) pre-war reliability and accuracy. Their shotguns set the standard for both value and innovation; the 870, 1148, and 1100 were the standards for hunters, trap and skeet shooters, and law-enforcement.
Remington has much competition today. Much of the market has shifted to "black rifles" (which I can't stand, but I'll leave it alone); Remington is a player in a sea of other M-16 clones. So is Ruger. Remington makes a 1911 clone; so does Ruger. And like Winchester post-64, Remington gets to compete against itself with gun cabinets FILLED with excellent, field-able M700s. If people want auto loaders, they get black rifles now, not the classic Remington pumps and autos of yester-year.
Where Remington left-off, Savage has taken-over with even lower costs, higher value, and an improved reputation for field reliability and accuracy.
When I walk to the scoring-chair at my local trap range during a shoot, I glance at the shotguns lined-up in the range's racks; the shooters are close at hand, gossiping and getting meals and refreshments. I'm not actually a trap shooter, but I help support my local club with my time. I don't see many Remingtons with "adults"; by adults, I mean someone with more than just a couple years of trap under their belt. Adults play with Bennellis, Berettas, Brownings, expensive Italian and Germanic-named offerings, and an impressive array of custom-shop beauties. High school kids and those new to the sport have ***USED*** 870s and 1100s in-hand. Many of the "schoolers" have already upgraded to break-action over/unders or trap specials. I've seen an occasional Remington Peerless and an even rarer Ruger Red Label.
I love my 870; best field gun I have right now. Utterly reliable in every extreme. I've never been a fan of the M700 with its brazed-on bolt handle and miniscule extractor; I have many friends who love their 700s, and proudly harvest every year with them.
Where is Remington's market? Am I missing something?

In Topic: Turkish 98's

21 November 2015 - 02:41 PM

To bad Nagants can't be sported into works of art like Mausers. Don's recent posting of the 45/70 Siamese Mauser is a classic example. If Nagants weren't so ugly and didn't have the very obnoxious safety we'd probably have numerous projects going on.


This link is a fairly "basic" sporter M-N:




I think it's a slick rifle; the only real modification is the magazine (and odd caliber).



This guy went all-out:





It's not the rifle, but the chambering. If they would have used a .473" headsize cartridge(8x57, 30'06, etc.), I think we'd see much more work done with them. Without significant action alteration, M-N users are stuck with the 7.62x54R or the 6.5x54R Vostok.

In Topic: Any Body Know Who Makes Rubber Grips That Will Fit My Cobra Derringer

17 November 2015 - 10:00 PM

Thank you gentlemen


You'll have to verify your year. Looks like D-frame Colts are fairly standard.


The "Tuff1" sleeve looks about as simple as simple can be. It should fit just about anything; you could probably put the thing on a dustpan handle.

In Topic: Any Body Know Who Makes Rubber Grips That Will Fit My Cobra Derringer

17 November 2015 - 07:57 PM




In Topic: Any Body Know Who Makes Rubber Grips That Will Fit My Cobra Derringer

17 November 2015 - 07:55 PM

Any body know who makes rubber grips that will fit my cobra (38)?
I know that they make rosewood grips and they look nice but this little pistol kicks and I do not need a polished (slippery) grip.


From one of the user reviews:


"Please be aware that Colt changed the design of the grip frame of the D frame guns in 1965/66 (the frame was shortened). These grips will not fit properly on the older models with the longer grip frame. On the newer guns they fit good and provide a comfortable grip.
"D" frame revolvers: •Detective Special
•Police Positive Special
•SF-VI, DS-II, Magnum Carry and Lady Special"