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In Topic: Model P Load Limit

19 May 2016 - 09:18 PM

I have a few Model P revolvers. I asked Cimarron what the max fps is. They wouldn't answer that, but told me factory loads that aren't Plus P, or high power. I see about 920 fps as the highest standard load I can find.

It's a beautiful revolver that deserves to be shot at the range. If you wanted a hotrod, a Ruger, a T/C, or Dan Wesson would have been the way to go. There's nothing to apologize for when it comes to punching paper with mild loads.


I've always considered Hercules reloading data in the "moderate" range. This 1983 manual lists the 45LC, with a 200 grain jacketed and a 250 lead:




I think "velocity" is the wrong question; rather, C.U.P. is what I'd be looking at. I'm seeing the 45 LC maxed at 12,600 C.U.P., right in the same territory as the 44 Special.

In Topic: Fn Sporter

03 February 2016 - 11:30 PM

I redid this reply. You got me thinking. Did I really see fn? I just took a cursory look at the time and there was some gunk kinda smeared over it. I saw Fabri something and do to my ignorance presumed FN. I had to look again. Took mount off and lightly cleaned some of the gunk off with 0000 steel wool. Nothing else would work. It's a Fabrica de Armas oviedo markings. I am not disappointed in the least. I would rather know then be wrong. Thanks for your expert info.

That makes sense. Everything was screaming "93 Spanish Mauser" except it being an FN; I'm not aware that FN made any pre-98 receivers, but hey, ya never know. I was actually hoping to see something unique; maybe FN did a weird limited production run of replacement receivers for the Turks or something. Heh.


Thank you for checking.

In Topic: Fn Sporter

03 February 2016 - 03:26 PM

I recently picked up this FN sporter. It is in .243. The action is a Fabrique Nationale.


Does it say "Fabrique Nationale" or "FABRICA de ARMAS"?


FN = Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal


FABRICA de ARMAS, OVIEDO = made in Spain, not FN


Either way, it's a good looking piece of work.

In Topic: I Was Surprised But The Game Is A Long Way From Over. The Election

02 February 2016 - 05:42 PM

Clinton beat Sanders, but as the result of 6 coin tosses:




She won 6 of 6 tosses. With her luck, imagine what she could do with $10,000....


EDIT: Well, damn press excluded Sanders' coin tosses as well:




So, of around 12 tosses, each got about 50%. That's more in line with the primary results (and the odds).


It's almost as though the press was out to get her now too. END EDIT



In related news, we are one step closer to the zombie apocalypse:




First the Iowa caucus, now this. Bunker time.

In Topic: Fn Sporter

01 February 2016 - 07:54 PM

I recently picked up this FN sporter. It is in .243. The action is a Fabrique Nationale. From my studying up on Mausers it seems to be a small ring large action. It is a cock on closing bolt. The stock is a Bishop. I found out some history on it. On the barrel it's stamped Richland Gun Shop. I emailed a Richland Shooters in Lebanon Pa. It was one of theirs. Made by a Carl Hottenstein. I Googled some info on him. Seems he was a well respected gunsmith and bench rest shooter in the Pa area. From what I was told he used Douglas premium barrels. It is also fitted with a Dayton Triaster Mark11 safety. Carl passed in 1998.


Looking at you images, and from the description:


- cock-on-closing

- pre-98 shroud

- pre-98 extractor

- stripper-clip slot


It's definitely a "pre-98" action: I'm guessing a '93 or a '95. It may be made well after 1898, but it's pre-98 design.


Someone put some love into it. Let us know how it prints.