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Netflix Series: Five Came Back

12 April 2017 - 09:48 PM

Saw "Five Came Back" on Netflix over the last couple of days.


Wow! It's very humbling learning of the WWII experiences of five of our nation's beloved directors.


It's tough covering as much material as the series was able to do in its allotted time; it would have been interesting to see more.


Stevens and Ford were both there on D-Day. Ford was at the Battle of Midway, and he was peppered with shrapnel during events. Stevens, a director of humorous musicals, was in for the long-haul to include to Battle of the Bulge, liberation of Paris, and filming of Dachau. Wyler's experiences and courage were especially touching. Houston's frustration at the limited showing and the censorship of his films is evident.


All I can do is recommend watching this great series.