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We have been warned


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 the semi-automatic firearm "debate" was lost here in 1996/7 when the emphasis by the police/antis/hoplophobes was on screaming "AUTOMATIC" to all and sundry - rather than saying self-loading.

I lost two S/As both Rugers (10/22 & M44) and my 28" barrel Winch M120 and a Bently 18" Riot pump 12GAs in 1997. It was all I needed...then! I had reasonable compensation for my 4 and added a bit of +$$....so now I have 28 "gunz"in my safe(s). 
Real 'Aussie gun-control' and an example to the whole world? Greens don't think so040.gif

Its more dangerous if they say 'semi-automatic' - towards a gullible and lied-to public; also many Greens still believe you can go into a sports store here and buy 'an automatic' = a machine gun!.....Yipes!! But that's how they win the one-sided media "debates" here.

But it didn't stop mass-murders in Australia of course, they just used something else - including a hammer, arson (Childers Backpacker hostel), large knife etc., etc.

In the quest to manage vertebrate pests (mostly introduced) in Australia the Howard Bans were a big backward step when semi-autos were effectively banned - for most of us.

*My advice - don't give the Greens & Dimos a single f=+^^#ng inch.

Give them one inch and they will take a mile - on a wave of sentimental grief, rapacious/self aggrandizing politicians and half-truths & slander on all gun owners.

(Even in Oz - we get hit again and again every time a mass-murder via a "gun" happens in USA).

Half-truths are called 'fake news' nowadays - I'm told smile.gif - but it has worked well in the past against us.....076.gif


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In the state of Illinois every anti-gun bill the democrats have ever wanted passed out of committee today the 27th. The Illinois speaker is calling for Wednesday the 28th to be gun bill day. The Democrats believe they can pass it ALL. There is an emergency call for Witness slips to stop the bills from coming to the floor and it was a giant waste of time. We are being told in Illinois that within 90 days of these bills being passed we gun owners will become Felons. 

Its BAD, BAD, BAD!!!!!!


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