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  1. Hello, My name is Tye Rivers....and I am a bigot, I am bigoted against all peoples of this world who will not accept responsibility for their own actions, a man or woman is of neutral colour and race as far as I am concerned until that person fails to shoulder his/her share of lifes load. When they lay the blame for failure or laziness on being discriminated against by another race.....they become niggers.....no I don't mean black....there are FAR more white niggers than black ones because there are more whites than blacks in this country. I do not give a fig about a persons colour, religion or national origin.....it is of no importance in the overall scheme of things......it is your actions in this world that determine your status........not your skin .........and if you believe you are being discriminated against just because the white/black/brown/ yellow skinned majority is holding you back?......brother....you are a nigger!
  2. Hurt Feelings

    Tangledangle, I did not leave....had a few health problems, none of which I wish to share, don't take my absenteeism as a sign of hurt feelings, you were not here for the Ed Dove/Hawk wars, this little petty bickering is mere "fag slaps" compared to those days, I like to tussle, both verbally and physically, nothing I like better than a damn good flaming contest!
  3. Hurt Feelings

    Hey Tanglewoof....when it comes to hurt feelings....I'm a donor, not a recipient....only way someone like you could hurt my feelings is thinking he's risen to the level that he can address me without genuflecting.......
  4. Where Is The Ole Grumpy Ty!

    Sorry...made a New Years resolution to not hang around with Weenies and Marines....or Weenie Marines......I'm too good for a place like this....the FC only allows you guys on here so he has something to laugh at...... I closed my little repair shop and sold my lathes and mill.....kept the handtools and reamers and such....the Govt. boosted my pay and gave me a substantial retro check...so I have been kicking back trying to adjust to the "Good Life"......been working on a plan......I plan to intrduce a suggestion to the people of this country that due to the fact that nearly 50% of us own computers and the rest have access....that we do away with Congress and all other elected official,s in lieu of paid repersentatives who steal like drunken pirates on a rampage, we all hook onto a data bank and we vote on all decisions affeting our nation......thus becoming a nation of people for the people with true representation .....self representation. Who better to decide what is right for the citizens than the citizens? I will soon have blog that I hope will become the new clearing house for governmental reform by the people! ......not by commitees filled with the theives that are bent on stealing us all into oblivion and turning America into the dumping ground for every lowlife immigrant on the planet! NO MORE IMMIGRATION! if you want to live in a country like America.......transform your own country into a more suitable home for your malcontents and criminals....we got a gracious plenty of our own! You want to come here to work? FINE! America loves people that work....just be DAMN SURE YOU WORK! no welfare no free schools and medical......no free anything! You want a nice home....buy it in Mexico, You want a good education? improve the schools in your OWN Damn country! This is OUR country! I'm not talking about all the "Johnny Come Latelys" who just climbed off a Freaking bus last week....I'm talking about the White descendants of the first colonists! not the so called slaves and labourers that think we owe them something because their OWN DAMN PEOPLE SOLD THEIR BLACK ASSES INTO BONDAGE!.......no one in my family ever owned anybody! so quit your damn bitching and get over it! it;s two Friggin centuries ago! I'll be back next year to take on other problems....as soon as I get through kicking Al Gores dumb ass back into obscurity......and allowing the damn planet to morph into a nice warm place to live and grow begonias!
  5. Anybody Marching Today?

    I volunteered to march in one of our areas MLK memorial marches........I showed up wearing a white suit with matching white wide brim hat and a long black fake moustache carrying a whip......told the HNIC that I would like to march at the rear of the parade where I could snap my whip.......in fact....if he so desired.....I could touch up the stragglers...... He declined my offer.
  6. Thought Best To Post This Here

    Maybe my comprehension of the written word has diminished over the years.....but I saw no mention of Bush initiating or approving of this plan anywhere in the C&P'd text.....as I understand, what was being discussed was some plan that had it's roots in S.S.Administration reciprocity programs...I'm not aware that the president writes the policy for S.S.A. ..nor did I see any mention of blacks......so why does the poster use racially tinted statements to introduce his post? If one is to blame each departments policies on the president....why can't we do away with all the commitees in both houses of congress wherein most if not all of our nations regulations regarding the business of the government is formulated? ...and while we're at it.....I made a trip thru Kentucky a few months back and the restrooms on the Governments Interstate Highways were not as clean as mine.....so would one of you bomb throwers alert the world that President Bush is not doing his job?
  7. C.i.c. Has Class:

    With all the flak being shot into the air by the new democrat leaders of the Senate and House....I can't help but notice that the C.I.C. has not once used the democrat/liberal defensive measure of blaming everyone else but himself. He looks into the cameras and tells you that he has made mistakes....he DOES NOT try to shift blame by saying it was Rumsfield or the "Cabal of Compromise" democrats (Kerry/Clinton/Pelosi/Kennedy/Schumer) fault for thwarting the actions against the Islamic zealots, although it is obvious that from what they say....the democrats would rather see Bush fail than to see peace in the mideast and the Muslim extremists dead or running. I do not agree with Bush's every idea and plan...some, in my opinion are wastes of time and money....but he is a leader.....and a leader leads ....he wins or loses - does not blame others. Bush is at least a better man then his predecessor who still blames all his mistakes and foibles on others......he will soon leave the office..I hope whoever replaces him is as strong and as much of a standup leader as Bush.
  8. Mini-luger?

    Probably an Erma.....they made smaller Cal. copys of the Luger, there was a so called"Baby Luger"..... if it is indeed THE "Baby Luger"......the find at Sutters Mill will look small,
  9. Pistol Sights

    karl...I do a lot of rework on the Remington/Whitneys style revolters.....what Z said is right....but may I suggest a less nerve wracking way to adjust that front sight? when you bend those sights.....they LOVE to pop that little dob of solder in a hole that holds the sight in place....I regulate the sights by "Tweaking", this process consists of removing the cylinder and loading apparatus from the gun, then lock the frame in a padded vise with the barrel free and clear.....you can then use two open end or two spanner (adjustable) wrenches to loosen or tighten the barrel in the frame as needed. CAUTION! it does NOT take much rotation in the barrel to move the point of impact a goodly distance...so do not let your Go-rilla instincts carry you away......I usually twist the barrel about the thickness of a piece of typing paper to start......you would be wise to place a piece of white tape around the barrel at the frame and then make a mark on frame and barrel as an indicator....you can then judge how far you have moved and judging by the movement in point of impact.....guesstimate how far you will have to go......OR you can mill a dovetail across the front of the barrel and install a windage adjustable sight as were the originals. Good Luck and burn mo powder!
  10. More What The Heck Are They?

    Barrel is Colt/Browning, top bolt half is Stevens 410, complete bolt is a Marlin 336, magazine looks like a home made .30 Carbine.
  11. Happy New Year

    Nappy Hew Yaer to all my syldexic trobhers!
  12. Illegal Reasoning

    That reporter reminds me of an old saying....."Never try to teach a pig to sing...it annoys the pig and wastes your time". Juan was parroting what someone told him to say, he has no more understanding of the illegal worker/drain of services problem he is part of ...than he has of advanced calculus......and the reporter is an idiot for asking him the question....did he expect an illegal worker to advance a cogent well thought out thesis on the situation? .....like I said...annoying the pig and wasting his time.
  13. ....used to make mine from rolling papers.....used a wood dowel to form a tube, used some Elmers to glue the tube to the conical ball, fiiled the bottom cavity with 3fg and twisted.....put them tail up in catridge box....worked great! The NSSA has changed the rules now....all prepared catridges are in plastic loaders......don't feel right being in Civil War clothing, shooting a period pistol with tupperware catridges......
  14. I Bring Unto You......

    ... tidings of good cheer! For this day......a KING is born unto thee....Rejoice! for he brings with him Salvation, Peace and Joy! A Good Christmas to all who read these words, BTR