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  2. Shrink the cheek piece. Pachy pad installed, used rasp and file to fit it up.
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  4. Thought I finished all of James Tarr's books, except his Colt documentary book. But I see there is a new one out, Whorl 3. I like his books. Carnivore - non-fiction, assisted autobiography of Dillard Johnson. Man, that guy must have personally killed 10K Iraqis. A very interesting read. Dogsoldiers - fiction. The 2nd American Civil War. Tarr, being basically a technical gun writer professionally (weapon reviews in gun mags, etc.) fills his fiction with lots of non-fiction details. Like how to shoot people wearing body armor, for example. Lots of little knowledge tidbits in this book. I've read it 3 times now, and it is my favorite. These Troubled Days - fiction. I think this was his first book. His style is there, and it's developing, but it is nowhere near as good as the others. Worth a read after you've gone through some of the rest of these. Dystopian future. Large parts of the population locked up in former cities. Government has no problem killing civilians. One man trying to get by after his wife and daughter are killed. Multibook series: Echos of Pangea - fiction. Sort of Jurassic Park-ish. In Mexico in the future, a civil war breaks out. The revolutionaries attack a Jurassic Park like facility, and the dinosaurs are released to the wild. The Mexican government has contracted with a private contractor mercenary type organization, and the series follows a particularly tough fighter. Book 1: Bestiarii Book 2: Fire and Bone Book 3: The Ghosts of Xicotepec John Phault - fiction. Follows a Detroit private investigator. A group of young men hire him to find their missing friend. The group take on the FBI, CIA, and Mafia. Book 1: Failure Drill Book2: Splashback Book3: Splits and Transitions The Fallen Republic - fiction. In the near future, a president that seems a whole lot like a certain former secretary of state and first lady want more power. Lots more power. A viral disease is created and released and it goes much worse than anticipated, turning a lot of its victims into a zombie like state. The president shuts down the country. No crossing borders, all vehicles with "onstar" type systems are turned off, etc. A group of people that were in Los Vegas for a shooting match get together and try to get back to their homes on the east coast. Book 1: Cascade Book 2: The Snarling Sea Book 3: Chasing Echoes Whorl - fiction. A young man who wants to be a FBI agent applies. Turn out his fingerprints match 2 other people. That is, one fingerprint matches one other guy, different finger, and the other fingerprint matches someone else's different finger. The FBI freaks out, as this could overturn the whole fingerprint thing, releasing thousands of prisoners that were convicted based on fingerprints, etc. The FBI's solution? One of the other people is dead already. So, kill the other guy with a matching print, the FBI agent/tech that found it and kill the kid. The young man, being a good 3 gun match shooter nicknamed "Gunfighter," is not that easy to kill. Book 1: Whorl Book 2: Waiting for the Kick Book 3: (just out, I haven't read it yet) Ghosts and Madmen
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  6. I’ll have to ruminate on that one. I was thinking that in the west the Muslims are multiplying. Imagine what’ll happen to the feminists and alphabet people when Muslims are in control?
  7. The Stalins use the "feeling" types, telling them what they want to hear, getting them to do the dirty work against the rest of us, right up until the Stalins get full power, then the "feeling" types get exterminated. Happens throughout history.
  8. Nothing new..the way to power for all would b stalins is to tell the "Feeling" types what they want to hear. karl
  9. I don't think I've seen that one before.
  10. Now I know where the 1968 Gulf No-Knox commercial came from.
  11. https://youtu.be/V8Jsw6wwW7A?si=yW56KUeUvteWFSY0
  12. Those are some good ones. Yeah, I'm not eating bugs. Be sure to read the labels on food.
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