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  1. This Is A Test

    Do I need a No. 2 Pencil and Scantron? I had to click on the "More Options" reply button to get here. The standard Reply window at the bottom wouldn't allow me to use my spacebar for some reason.
  2. Good News From Cmp

    Has anybody heard "when" yet?
  3. How Do These Look?

    Good work. Love the figure of the wood.
  4. Those actually work quite well. We used to wear them when we were duck hunting a lot. Nothing beats sinking to your knees in muck 30 yards from the boat! I don't remember them being $144 though.
  5. Big Bore Enfield In The Works

    Nice! I have a couple of those in a box somewhere waiting to be checked off the "some day" list.
  6. Thinking Of Stein And Her Recount

    I wish she'd go away. Everybody, on both sides of the aisle, agrees that these recounts aren't likely to influence the outcome of the election and evendors if it did and the results got tossed to the House of Representatives, Trump will still win. I'm so tired of butthurt liberals finding ways to use the law to further their causes. Just go away Jill, you lost. Badly. Nobody wants you; just go. I'm ready for this dumpster fire election to be over with already.
  7. Trump Blew It On Gun Control

    When I was in the political science program in college, we used to jole that 51% of polls were inaccurate... Think about this: Polls are influenced by how the pollster phrases the question. Also, who are they talking to? People with landline phones? (People still have those?) People they managed to hoodoo into answering an unknown number on their cell phone? How many of you have participated in a poll lately? Also...Internet polls... How accurate can those really be? Does just aimlessly clicking on a Yes or No button on XYZ website really glean a solid result? The only way to secure a real result is to make people set up an account and log in to tender their answers. Who in the heck has time for that? What's the point? Take poll results with a grain of salt. If ten different polls asked 1500 different people who they're voting for, they'll render ten different results. The media is infatuated with numbers and the liberals need poll results swinging their way to allow them to print the news that fits. Go vote. Get out the message to those around you. We'll find out who wins once it's all tallied and recorded. I hope to Christ it's not Hillary.
  8. D&t With Barrel Installed?

    Sure you can drill and tap with the barrel on. You'll just need to not drill down into the barrel and then all you're doing is tapping a blind hole. But as Clemson suggested, its much easier to pull the barrel and not worry about drilling into it on accident.
  9. Something New

    Well, It looks like you poster this six times. I'm afraid the tablet might've hiccuped and mutliposted this.
  10. Cruz Endorses Trump

    It's been entertaining watching Trump's detractors swallow their pride and come forward to kiss the ring.
  11. While the BLM might've gotten started with good intentions, the whole thing to me is more them venting at white people for everything real or imagined that's happened to black people since the dawn of time - plus their tried-and-true shakedown method of shaming whitey into acquiescing into paying them off. I've been to BLM's website see their list of demands and its pretty wild (I'll paraphrase): End the war on black people! Investment in black communities Financial reparations Self-governing communities Economic Justice Political power In other words, and to quote Eddie Murphy: "I know what this is! This a shakedown!" I can't say that I agree with their message or the means of delivery. I wish everyone peace and prosperity and I demand everyone have an equal shot at the title. That said however, you'll never insult me into agreeing with your point - which seems to be condescending and violent method with which BLM seems to want to communicate their method.
  12. Internet Hoax Or Is It Real

    This is a real thing as best I've been able to discern. Its kind of weird though because I've also read online (FWIW...) that supposedly a couple gunsmiths called their regional BATFE agent and were basically told that they (the BATFE) weren't behind it and weren't necessarily interested in enforcing it (because its the Dept. of State's jurisdiction, not Dept. of Justice) and more-or-less not to worry about it unless you get a letter in the mail. My concern here is good people being caught up in a spat between two departments of the Federal government and being harmed in the crossfire. I am also upset that other people like one my mentors here in East Texas is going to hang up his spurs and quit the gun business entirely because he isn't in it enough to afford $2200 a year in registration fees. The other thing I understand is the guys operating under a 07 Manufacturer's license are already paying the ITAR fee and so it won't really impact them; just the 01 FFLs doing gunsmithing on the side. I am by no means "well educated" on any of this so please don't quote me as the gospel on this...
  13. Trump Or Clinton

    Literally anybody but Clinton. Which I guess means Trump.
  14. Rifle Used In Paris Massacre Came From Phoenix

    Do you consider zero hedge a reliable news source?