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  1. Been Thinking Of

    The only trade that I will considers are for 1911A and Garands. And might think about 338 Lapua. Rob
  2. Been Thinking Of

    They just been setting the safe and that's about it. I have done more with my Garands and my AR then anything else. Rob
  3. Been Thinking Of

    Selling my surplus. I have not done much with them, got 2 of RC 98K, 2 of 98/22, 2 of 96 Swedish 96, 1 of turk 38, 2 of K31, 1 of Yugo M48. So what's the going price nowadays? Rob
  4. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

  5. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

    There is an few smiths around that you can send things to and there is an few other place to send parts to. I send Skip Baldwin an few barrels to be rethreads and an few bolt handles done. He may take awhile but he'll get the job done right. Never dealt with the guy on fleabay on the bolts. Rob
  6. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

    If you are thinking of Mark Skaggs, I wouldn't sent an pop gun to him. Long story, but he ship my rifle back in an cardboard box after sending them is an long case. Welded the wrong handles on the two action I sent to him, if he had reversed the handles then, it would be right. Take way to long when he said only three month. Took over 14. Then when you complain about those issue he'll call you ever name in the book. Rob
  7. Almost Christmas

    Yes, but you don't want her. I won't give her to my worst enemy. Rob
  8. Almost Christmas

    My wife and I did most of our shopping on line. A lot easier and fast. She got me an Armalite AR-10B Accuracy System Long Range Tactical with 26" barrel in 308 from Accuracy Systems, plus an few kits from Model 1 Sales. I got her an kitchen Aid and an new dishwasher. That's what she wanted. FB is just an joke any more. Rob
  9. I Got

    I have beern a little busy eith trucking and trying to get the bathroom done. I put my pickup in the body shop after i cut the bed bolts, bumpers/grill/ door panels off. Save an few bucks. But I have both the time to do much. But I will keep you guys updated wehen I do. I did got all the stuff for parkerizing. That should be fun. Rob
  10. I Got

    2 35 Whelen barrels F35 and an 308 Win F14 for three more projects. Novak just need to get the pickup partscout of my way in the garage. Rob
  11. Did A Lot In Two Days

    Right now, I do not have the money to let someone to do it. Sorry about the Win by, tggat was an areal. Rob
  12. Did A Lot In Two Days

    20 years not bad. Being home is the pain, but slowly it is going. Next time home is the shower pan and drywall. Rob
  13. Did A Lot In Two Days

    The old shower drain was round but had an square hole in the floor but need it to be am or tighter for the sand mix base. As for the toilet hole, it was just to home to screw the giant down on it. So I built and square frame and used an router with an straight bit and made two nice square holes and patch them up with oak plywood. Then used in in wood filler to fill in the gaps. Was is so tiresome was that I had to go to two differ hardware store for the abs pipe fitting. Rob
  14. Did A Lot In Two Days

    I patch the shower and toilet hole and recut them. Fix my mistake, bring out two electric box to 1/2", extend the shower by 12", install shower drain and pipes, patch an small area or rotten wood with jb wood filler. Since my surgery, I have done very little. Boy I'm tired. Rob
  15. Has anyone used the stock for the Mauser yet? Was wondering about the barrel channel. Can I fit an A&B F54 barrel in the channel? Thanks Rob