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  1. Voted ...long Long Lines

    it only took me about 5 minutes to vote. i've met Ron Paul one time and for some reason i couldn't take him or anything he said seriously. i don't know what it was about him but i've heard the same thing from a few other people too.
  2. Lucky The Squirrel

    this squirrel was pretty lucky, after his momma got run over i found him trying to eat a watermelon rind that the chickens had just about finished off. he nursed a bottle for about a month then switched to nuts and fruit. he spent all winter in a extra chicken coupe and was released the following spring. he knew what time i got home from work and would be waiting for his grapes and apple treats every couple days for about the first two months. then i would maybe see him once a month or so for the next 6 months. after about a year and a half in the wild i spotted him friday, he has a very noticable scar on his cheek from running up to a wild squirrl on his first day out. it was realy cool to know he's made it this long.
  3. I Need Alittle Help.

    those triggergaurds are still easy to find so it would be easier to replace it that fix it. not only is the bow messed up it also looks like the the gaurd is bent in the middle too. i've seen them for sale on gunbroker and ebay in the last few weeks
  4. Claw Mounts

    they are a semi split ring design and are made for 26mm german scopes. they do sell a shim kit to use with 1" scopes and the scope will have to be dissasembled to install the rings. the leupold custom shop will do this if your using a leupold scope but i'm not sure who you would have to send it to for other brands of scopes. i have clawmounts on a springfield 1903 and a set of mounts and rings from clawmounts.com for another project. for accumounts to sell them for $240 shipped they would have to be very good with their cnc's and sell a ton of them but i cant find a picture of a single set of them installed
  5. Deep/long Chambered Barrels

    another tip is to make a spacer that fits over the threads to place your depth mic on then measure down to your gauge. the first couple of barrels i did i placed the base of my depth mic on the gauge then measured down to the shoulder. using the spacer makes it much easier. for the spacers i use tractor pintle bushings that i face off then part off around 1" long.
  6. Finally Got My -06 Done, Almost

    looks good. can you take a few close up of the rear sight?
  7. Mauser Under $200

    not to bad. i've picked up a few sets of mounts and rings from cabelas bargain bin, i think my best deal from there was a set warne q/r rings for $25.
  8. Rebarreling 1888 Commission Rifle

    here are a couple pics of mine. the 6.5 swede barreled 88 with the front section of the barrel shroud another with just the threaded section from the barrel shroud. i have a octagon 8mm barrel from a cg haenel 88 sporting rifle with a bad bore that i'm going to install on this rifle after i have it bored out to 9mm.
  9. Rebarreling 1888 Commission Rifle

    one of my 88's has a sleeve that just covers the threads on the end of the receiver. the other 88' i have has a swede 6.5 barrel and the original stub of the barrel jacket was cut off just in front of the boss for the front triggergaurd screw and the barrel shank was turned down to fit inside the section from the barrel shroud. most of the really nice 88 sporters i've seen had a sleeve on the external receiver threads and the front triggergaurd screw was just threaded into a bushing in the stock with a for end wedge actually holding the front of the rifle in the stock.
  10. the right side of the receiver works similar to the feedrails on a mauser. the interuptor pushes the cartridge against the right side of the receiver. on the blindee rimless conversions a steel plate was welded to the right side to push the cartridge more towards the center. the magwell on mauser bottom metal is to far farward to to work without a pretty massive redesign, and springfield bottom metal is even worse
  11. New 98 Mausers

    they use a mauser bolt with the guide rib removed
  12. New 98 Mausers

    the bottom is a m84 single shot, middle is a m85 sniper and the top is a m86 clip fed target receiver. i have one barrel. i've been trying to scrounge the correct bottom metal for the m85 and m86 for at least 4 years with no luck.
  13. New 98 Mausers

    one day i'll get around to building these three PH's
  14. New 98 Mausers

    the LK M808 is a push feed version of a mauser receiver. i wouldn't mind seeing the barreled actions imported or their military sniper version. i think browning also made some push feed mausers at one time
  15. A Mighty Fine Mauser Sporter

    while it is a vey nice rifle there are a few things about it that just don't look right to me. if your spending 6K+ on a build an inletted rear swivel base should have need installed instead of a screw in stud. the cheekpiece & shape of the stock in front of it dosn't look quite right, but that might just be a matter of personal taste. its hard to tell exactly what the forend tip is made from, might be horn but it looks a little to much like plasic to be ebony. rear bridge was cut back to far and now the back of the extractor isn't inside the rear bridge.