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  1. Mosin Sporter

    Thanks for all the kind words guys,I am thinking REAL hard about a butterknife bolt handle and I still need to replace the front sight and rear with a ramp and peep.The sights are only secured now with epoxy and will be easy to heat and remove,It needs another coat of Guncoat and that will be when I do the sights...
  2. Mosin Sporter

    .Finished.... It started as a Century Arms 5 for $70.00 PI "poor incomplete" purchase I made before I knew what PI stood for :-) . The stock was shattered and all I got was a 1955 Romanian barreled action with no bayonet lug and a slight bend at the end of the barrel that I suspect happened when whoever or whatever removed the bayonet lug.It had a barrel obstruction and a coat of rust over the entire gun....The barrel obstruction turned out to be a rolled up piece of paper the length of the barrel and the rust was from no bluing what so ever..After I ran a few patches through the barrel I was rewarded with what appears as a NEW barrel... So I cut it to 16 1/2 to get rid of the bent part and recrowned with a carriage bolt and grinding compound.Draw filed the lath marks off the barrel and action,and redid the front sight with a blade from a scrap of metal. I really like the mannlischer style stock so I ordered a stock from Boyds along with a extra piece of walnut for the stock extension. The front nose cap is a Yugo Mauser bayonet lug without the lug and the barrel band that hides the splice came from the same rifle,The butt plate is a flip flop glued to a piece of aluminum .So far I have 4 coats of Lin-Speed oil on it and 6 more to go.I Painted the metal with Dura-coat and The magazine and "Boltman" bolt came from my other Mosins [Yes it headspaces just fine].Any it also shoots just fine in spite of the short barrel,I use Czech hollow core ammo in it so as to keep my shoulder in joint..And it DOES have a fireball!!! I am sure I forgot some more steps that I did but I sure had fun rebuilding what many would concider a "Dumpster" gun.... Thanks for Reading! Keith
  3. Glass Bedding

    Thanks everyone for the replys and ideas and especially to roscoedoh who offered me some dye, What I did was mix some black printers ink into it [i am a printer] and it seems to work just fine...
  4. Glass Bedding

    Anybody have any ideas on what I can use to color gray epoxy black?