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  1. Fajen Synthetic Stock?

    I got one for Midway last week for $42 or something like that. I had to shape it a little to fit the extended ring on my turk mauser. The rest of the reciever fit, it was really tight but it went in. I am a little worried about the amount of pressure the end of the stock is putting on the barrel. I plan on shooting it this weekendand if it does shoot as good as i want, I will free float the barrel.
  2. Cutdown Turk Barrel

    I cut it down to 24 inches, i was surprised of how good the rifling looked in this old barrel, clear, sharp almost new looking. I hope it shoots as good as it looks.
  3. Cutdown Turk Barrel

    I have a turk 38 that I am sporterizing and for now I plan on keeping the original barrel. I plan using it for mostly informal target shooting and some hog hunting. What lenght do you thing I should cut the barrel down to? I was thinking somewhere around 24 to 26 in. free floated. Do these barrels if to long have problems with barrel whip?
  4. Fajen Synthetic Stock?

    Has anyone used the Fajen Stock Mauser 98 Sporter Barrel Channel Synthetic Black that midwayusa has on sale? What do you think about it? I am thinking about getting one to put on my turk.
  5. Notching Stock For Bolt Handle

    Thanks, I'm going to go with a round rasp. dcs
  6. Notching Stock For Bolt Handle

    I need to notch my stock for a bent bolt. What are some tips and best tools for the job?
  7. I want to mount a scope on my turk, but don't want to remove the hump. What bases will meet my needs? One piece or two pieces, doen't matter to me.