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  1. Passing The Hat Time

    I sending $20.
  2. Next Nation Wide Carry

    1++ I'll go to Illinois. Now I have to "secure and unload" my carry pistol if I cross the Mississippi river just 10 miles away. Kiss my but land of Lincoln liberals. Ralph
  3. Site Issues

    You can count on me.
  4. My Marlin 336Sc

    I did a post about the managed hunt my kids and I were drawn for. FC asked for some pictures of my Marlin so here they are. It was in very neglected condition when I got it. The stock and hand guard were black from old dried blood, dirt and grim. It was cracked at the tang. There was dried blood under the hand guard and along the magazine tube. The blueing on the receiver and leaver was almost all gone. There was active rust inside the leaver and on the bottom of the receiver. I always wanted a 35 Rem and a SC (sporting carbine) model. Getting both in the same rifle was a win, win. This rifle was made in 1958 so I could use my C&R to buy it. I got it cleaned up and back into respectable condition. I didn't want it to look new, I wanted it to look like it just came out of someone's Grandpas closet. The next thing needed was the rite scope for it. I found a vintage Tasco 4x32 "command post" scope for it. This rifle / scope combinations was perfect for heavy woods hunting. You guys in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan ect... know what I meen. Overall I'm very pleased with it's performance and the results of the 35 Rem round.
  5. Millenial Job Interview

    I deal with them everyday. I find myself shaking my head. They don't have any concept of accountability. If you try to give them directions they feel they are being picked on.
  6. I Redeemed Myself With My 35 Rem

    Hopefully this picture attached
  7. I Redeemed Myself With My 35 Rem

    I tried to add this picture in the original post but it wouldn't up load.
  8. I commented on a Veterans Day post how I muffed a shot on a standing Doe at about 160 yards. Well Saturday I redeemed myself. My kids and I got drawn for a managed hunt at a MO state park. We could each take up to 3 antlerless deer during the weekend hunt. Saturday morning I harvested 2 Does and 1 Button Buck. The rifle is a Marlin 336SC, made in 1958. This rifle was a wreck when I bought it off Gun Broker. The stock was black from dirt and grime. Cracked at the tang. There was dried blood under the hand guard. The leaver and receiver had active rust on it. After cleaning it up I added a vintage Tasco 4x32 "command post" scope to it. I was shooting reloads of 185 gr Speer hot core over 44.5 gr of Leverevolution powder. They cronagraphed at 2375fps. A heard of about 15 antlerless crossed in front of me at 75 yards. My son said that I fired 3 rounds in less than 10 seconds. I just put the tip on the post on the desired deer and shot. I filled 3 tags by 7:30am the first day of the hunt. My Daughter shot her first deer and with the 308 I built for her. My son got a button buck.
  9. My Latest Acquisition

    Looks great AZ. When it comes to a wheel gun you just can't beat a S&W. Ralph
  10. To Our Vets On Veterans Day

    I was in Perry MO. yesterday, opening day of rifle deer season. A town of less than 400 people. They were having a Veterans Day Thank You ceremony. I spent about 2 hours with them. Great people. All the NFL cry babies could learn a lot from small town America. P.S. I missed a deer. My fault, 160 yard broadside on a standing Doe. I was shooting a Marlin 336, 35 remington with a 4x scope. Kind of the wrong gun for the task but I've been hunting long enough to have got the job done. Ralph
  11. Rust Blueing

    I'm ready to stat a rust blue job on 8mm Yugo. I wanted to know if I have to use a degreaser like TCE or will break clean work? I have a few spray can of Auto Zone break clean. It does a good job removing grease from parts. The label says it in residue free. Anybody have any thoughts on if it will work or not. Thanks Ralph
  12. Employment Update.

    I figured it was time to give you guy's an update on my employment status. I got a job with Burlington stores, formerly Burlington coat factory. It's an Assistant Store Managers position. I actually started with them on Aug.28th. I hate it! I still keep interviewing for shipping, receiving and logistics positions. I have turned down a few offer that are worse than what I have with Burlington. The only positive is that I was able to bank 9 weeks of severance pay. I've got several friends that are still looking. Their severance is almost gone and nothing yet. All are great people. They had more years in with Bed Bath and Beyond than I did, 15 and 20 years. I have to be thankful for getting something as fast as I did. I have no time for family and the Christmas season hasn't even started yet. I'll keep looking and interviewing. I can't do the full retail thing anymore.
  13. I Just Got My Grandpa's Savage 340

    I haven't got to the range with this Savage yet. Started my new job and it sucks. I figured some pictures needed to be posted. My Uncle told me that my Grandpa was so cheep that he wouldn't pay to have sling studs installed. He would just tie a piece of cord around the stock and barrel as a sling. I don't think I put a sling on it either.
  14. Got A New Truck Gun

    Hey Jim, the name of the store is "Farm and Home Supply". They are a small family owned store. They have about a dozen stores in Iowa, Illinois, Mo. They are like Tractor Supply or Orshlands.
  15. Got A New Truck Gun

    I was at a local Farm and Home store today. They had a new Mossberg Patriot in a molded stock for $219. plus tax. The only choice in caliber was 243 Win. I didn't have a 243 so it was a win / win. I hade a Nectstar 3x9x40 rubberized scope just sitting around looking for a home. Bam mounted and bore sighted in 10 minuets. My daughter has a 243 so I already reload for it. I have some 85 grain Speer hot core and 100 grain Rem core lock bullets on hand. I will be working loads soon. All the reviews I have read on these rifles have been positive so I think I got a deal.