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  1. working on a turk

    I'm still not sure what you're doing there.
  2. Sometimes ya gotta change

    Here's a few that look interesting, some indoors, some "outdoors", but small, starting at fourteen bucks, or less than a box of ammo: https://smile.amazon.com/Antenna-MIESCHER-Digital-Coaxial-Channels/dp/B074QMG2KS https://smile.amazon.com/ViewTV-Outdoor-Amplified-Antenna-Rotation/dp/B017JEF126/ https://smile.amazon.com/Wsky-Miles-Transparent-Digital-Antenna/dp/B076DCXBY4/ https://smile.amazon.com/Antenna-Detachable-Amplifier-Upgrated-Reception/dp/B0769G9Q1W/ Or, like, two days of cable TV bill.
  3. Sometimes ya gotta change

    We're pretty far in the sticks too, Karl. There are outside antennas that aren't too expensive. Get one with a rotor on it and mount it on the roof. And there's lots of you toobes on building your own directional TV antenna for practically free.
  4. 7Mm Mauser (7X57) "project"

    That battle of Spion Kop was interesting. Good write up. There's a Wikipedia on it too. Whenever I want to know what an idiot thinks about a subject, I go straight to Wikipedia. Anyway, interesting read. Can a citizen soldier based resistance defeat a professional army with unlimited resources? Couldn't 120 years ago. 50 years ago, the war was lost not on the battlefield, but at home thousands of miles away. On the hunting thing, I read an article in Firearms News (old SGN) recently on some monster 4 gauge rifles for such things. They even had a different formula for bullet muzzle energy. Energy is energy, of course, but the "foot pounds" used today does not equate with stopping power. Mention was made of some 3xx caliber rifle having the same muzzle energy in ft-lbs as the big bore dangerous game rounds, and hunters seeing that, going after dangerous game with them. And getting killed by said game. That's probably what lead to caliber laws for hunting there. I would think that losing your tourist hunters would be bad for business.
  5. SJW in gun shop

    Pretty hard to tell. The antifa scene may be the only group it ever fit in with. The cop at the end says it identified itself as a male.
  6. working on a turk

    I like Turks. What are you making on the saw?
  7. NEW TOY,!

    Cool. I think that was a good deal. And I think a later Mini is better. I understand the early ones had jamming issues. I think that Ruger was going to stop production on them until The A Team came out and everyone had to have one after that.
  8. SJW in gun shop

    They are sick. Man, it is hard to believe anyone is that gullible. I realize that their constantly bombarded with propaganda, but to believe it like that, at 30 years old even, is just bizarre.
  9. test

    It's got a good beat, but you can't dance to it. I give it a 98.
  10. Passing The Hat Time

    Yeah, good to see you back, Dave. And Thanks Gameboy for tuning us up. Tony, can you out the sucuri people, cancel the "service" and get some money back? I would be bitching and making new tickets until that happened. Along the lines of "Regarding ticket ###, you refused to help me, I'm cancelling your service, give me a prorated refund or I complain to my CC company that you ripped me off."
  11. I'M BACK!

    Woot! GameboyRMH did the work. Details are in the "Passing The Hat Time" and "Site Issues" threads. It looks like finally dumping Sucuri is what did it.
  12. Passing The Hat Time

  13. Heads Up: Planned Downtime (Upgrade completed)

    The Admin login at the top isn't there anymore. Does that mean I'm not admin or does that mean they moved it? In other words, where do I go to check for new users and approve them? Never mind. I found it. It's now part of your name on the right.
  14. Leno- Merlin Engine

    That's cool. Amazing what you can accomplish with cubic dollars. I think I've mentioned that his "tank car" was built by a guy I went to high school with. That's the car with a Patton Tank air cooled V12.
  15. Site Issues

    As an update: Talking with Gameboy, our new site... Helper? Super Tech Guy? I dunno, we're gonna have to think about that... and he said that he is still working on our issue and plans on dropping the sucuri thing in the next couple days. If that doesn't work, then it is a bluehost problem and if they can't fix it, then the fix for that may be a different host provider.