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  1. In My Spare Time

    I look forward to seeing the results!
  2. Mini Football Facemask

    No, they come with a guard. And some of them have more authentic ones, I just didn't like the one it had originally. (see last photo...)
  3. Gun Show Today

    As we all suspected... I guess if you're not sure of the caliber it's better to just make something up rather than appear ignorant. Doesn't really work though, does it?
  4. Gun Show Today

    Pretty funny what people will come up with. If you aren't sure just guess and pretend... Is it really 7.62x54? 'Cuz that would entail some work.
  5. Mini Football Facemask

    I have one of those miniature collectible football helmets in the Seahawks old colors. I have never been happy with the plastic facemask that it came with. It is ugly and does not look like any style I have actually seen in use, so I decided to make a 'retro' style facemask in more of a lineman's big cage style. I bought some brass rod at the hardware store, and using the old one as a template, and by looking at old photos, I used hands and pliers to bend up some pieces. The trickiest part was the part that curves up over the brow. Here are the starting pieces: (kittie can't wait to scrimmage...) Soldering the pieces together: Here it is all finished and painted next to the one it replaced:
  6. Newest Toy/winter Project

    I saw a newer Wrangler on the highway the other day that was done up in a flat desert tan. I thought it looked very cool... quasi-militaristic like a Humvee.
  7. File, then sand. You want some excess wood so that you can bring it down to the level of the metal. What diameter is your barrel? It looks to me like the barrel channel is about the same diameter as your front receiver ring...
  8. Turkington 7Mm Rem. Mag

    Three shots touching, that's a heck of a group! What distance? Nice rifle too, I like the effect you achieved on the stock and love the bolt handle.
  9. 1891 Mauser Build How?

    Harley, I'm a little puzzled at your post. You used "big bore" and "sniper" in the same post. These two don't normally go together. Do you really want a big bore, or are you looking for something flat shooting? I think you need to decide what you really want to do with this rifle to determind how much power you need. Do you want to reach out and touch critters, (if so, what size?) or just punch holes in paper for fun? You should also decide how much you want to spend and what you can do for yourself. If you are willing to spend some bucks then the first thing I would do is get a different action. You could spend a lot of time, effort, and $ converting it to a big bore and still just have an 1891. If you just want a low budget "sniper style" rifle for fun shooting then I would stick to the original chambering and go crazy with the stock and any mods needed for a scope. The further away from the original chambering you go the more work it is to get everything right.
  10. An Update From Roscoe...

    Huh?! Ya shoulda just stuck the "gift" in your checking account and called it yours... I just refinanced, it was actually a piece of cake. Well, it was with one bank. I had a home equity line of credit with the first bank to make some repairs. I thought I'd use them for the refi since I had just provided my life's history for the loan a couple months prior, (plus we also use them for checking and savings) so I thought the refi would be pretty streamlined. When it came down to it they said "please fill out this application and we need these documents, etc..." My response was "Gee, don't you already have all this?" They came back with "You have to follow the process..." So I called the bank that carries the primary mortgage, (almost 4 years old) and asked what they required and they spent 5 minutes on the phone asking if everything was still current, (do you have the same job? still married? any more kids?) and told me they'd call when the docs were ready. Still had mountains of paper to sign... they could have put just about anything in front of me and I would have signed it. Anyhow, congrats Jason!
  11. What about the Thai women? Tiger is half Thai after all...
  12. Crazy Idea! Do You Think It's Possible?

    Unless you're camping with knuckleheads! Years ago we were all sitting around the campfire and a dufus friend of mine, (with a few beers in him) randomly grabbed a handful of .22lr and chucked them in the coals... Of course we all panicked and dove for cover but they just popped like popcorn. No chamber and barrel to control the pressure and accelerate the bullet. I wouldn't try it again, but it makes for a good story! P.S. I don't believe the burning through the brass with the bullet in place. Just the pressure of the expanding air within the cartridge (even without the powder igniting) would pop the bullet out the end.
  13. Crazy Idea! Do You Think It's Possible?

    Mauser_Shooter makes some excellent points. However, something said in that post always makes my radar go off... No brass cartridge case can handle the pressure unless supported properly by the steel of the chamber. The case is merely a container for the powder, and holds the primer and bullet in proper relation to one another. It also acts as a gasket to seal gasses from escaping through the inevitable small crevices where the action locks up. The size of these crevices determines the strength requirements of the brass. While I agree whole heartedly about keeping pressures in line, my understanding is that SAMMI pressures are based more on the rifles the cartridge is designed for and less for the limitations of the brass itself. Knowledgable handloaders keeping well within the pressures that "modern" rifles can handle upload older chamberings all the time. Unless I am missing something I would say that if the Mosin can handle the pressure you could upload the 30-30 cautiously and safely. But again, why bother...
  14. New Lathe Question

    It makes total sense now, thanks. 30-60-90 keeps the math elegantly simple. I'd have to ruminate some more to see if any other angles present a similar easy solution.
  15. New Lathe Question

    I assume you mean offset the compound 30 degrees from the X axis? That makes perfect sense actually. It forms a 30 60 90 triangle so that advancing the cutter along the compound results in an advance along the Y axis of exactly half the amount. Keeps the mental math simple. Thanks!