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  1. Need Help With My New To Me 7Mm/8Mm Rifle

    7.91 is the Turkish stamp indicating it is probably a 8x57. The 7mm stamp is probably from the importer, and probably a mistake. I'm not aware of any turks being rebored by the arsenal.
  2. Shortening A Magazine And Stock

    Nothing like that! I just wanted a bit trimmer, and also get rid of some damage to the top of the stock, which might not be an issue. Tinker, PM me your number again. We should get together when the weather warms.
  3. I have a 1903 pre-inlet stock I just received, a long Birdseye maple. I have a 20" barreled 1903a3 that I want to use it on, as a full length stock. To slim it down a bit, can I plane a bit off the top of the stock, inlet it deeper, then take the same amount off of the magazine tops, pillars, and trigger? I wouldn't cry over loosing one round from the magazine? Will this work? What am I overlooking that will bite me? Also, does anyone suggest a stain or finish that will look good on Birdseye Maple? I'm worried that the stock will be too plain. This is the planning phase, its too cold in the garage to work now.
  4. Mexican

    What is it worth to you? Trades considered. Its a stripped Mexican receiver and stripped bolt. I have two, and want to keep the other. Would love to trade for bolt parts for the other action. There are two spots of bad pitting, see pics. The bolt face isn't pretty, either.
  5. Vz-24 Stock

    Take off vz-24 stock, metal hardware. I have the cleaning rod, somewhere. I'll try to find it. one crack in handguard, pictured. $30 shipped. I also need buttplates for a K-31 and a 91/30.
  6. Any Small Engine Experts Here?

    I had a trimmer with the same symptoms. The local shop said it was the magneto, said I was better off getting a new trimmer. I did. They are cheap. I have no idea how to test a magneto. It has to be spinning, but not many meters can measure the output. I assume that the spark is like the heating ignition components I use in HVAC. Output ranges from 10,000 volts(gas) to 30,000 volts(oil.) No one buys meters for that. If the control has power, and the spark doesn't jump the prescribed gap, replace the control. On your trimmer, if you have the proper input to the control (spinning), the plug wire is intact (low resistance), and the spark plug gap is right, and you don't have spark, get a new magneto. New magnetos come with new trimmers.
  7. Question About Cci Primers

    The CCI Military primers have thicker cups to resist slam firing in Semi Auto's. Needed for M1 Garands.
  8. Removing A Type 38 Barrel

  9. 1903a3 Project

    1903's are my favorite. This is my favorite, a Springfield made in 1930, with last year's buck. I didn't do anything to this rifle, bought it as is for $230.
  10. 1903a3 Project

    I bought this 1903A3 on gunbroker. It has a fajen stock, and an unknown safety. The stock seas to be a low grade, lots of filling is needed. I'm not too fond of the shape either. The stock shape prevents use of the magazine cutoff. The barrel outside is bad, even for a wartime product. I don't have a good pic of it, but anyone who was a michinist prior to the war would have been embarassed. Of course, the important part, the bore, is very good. My goal is to remove the barrel and smooth it out, without reducing it too much. I plan to reuse the stock, so I don't want a big gap around the barrel. I will reshape the stock somewhat, and refinish it. I already removed the wood that prevents using the magazine cutoff. The tip is plastic. If I get ambitious, I might replace it with ebony. I want to use a side swing safety. I bought milled 1903 bottom metal, which I will slightly recontour ans add a push button release. There are some tool marks on the receiver to remove. I might build a parkerizing tank and park it, but if the metal work comes out nice, I may send it for hot bluing. I'll post progress pics soon.
  11. Side Swing, (m70 Style) Safety

    Thanks guys. I'm sure some of that will make more sense when I have the tool and directions in my hands. Is there anything special about using it on a 1903 Springfield?
  12. Side Swing, (m70 Style) Safety

    I have been all over the description, but I still don't see any mill tooling specified. What am I missing?
  13. Mex Mausers

    Are there any separate bolts, or bolt parts. I have two stripped bolts (1910) and especially need extractors and firing pins.