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  1. On 300 Aac Blackout

    I like the avatar too Az ! I for one have never thought any of your post were long or boring and enjoy the hell out of em and appreciate you taking the time. Jim
  2. Great victory

    Sic em FC ! It sounds so good to hear things going in the right direction after eight years of that cull mooslim in the White House. Thanks for taking a stand. Jim
  3. My View Of Trump

    I’ll take a jillion like the young man Az described,and be proud to get them. The boarder has to be sealed . But I’ve never believed Trumps BS about building the wall or more so making Mexico pay for it. I sure hope he proves me wrong. He’s surprised me so far. Sessions needs to start pulling some rabbits out of his hat or he needs a boot in his backside. I’ve had all the PC southern gentleman routine I can stomach . And while I’m dreaming ,lock her up! Jim
  4. My View Of Trump

    Two sides of the same coin with few exceptions in my opinion. And the very few that I think might be an exception..... I don’t trust one bit. Trump was not my candidate in the primary and while I take issue with some of his moves, I will say he has been a very pleasant surprise and has done more quicker than I expected or had hopes for. And probably gotten more done than my candidate of choice by far. I’m just pretty tickled with him so far. Jim
  5. Passing The Hat Time

    Sounds like a helluva bargin to me ! Im in and thanks guys. Jim
  6. My Marlin 336Sc

    Good looking old gun , you did a nice job on it ! I like everything about it. Jim
  7. I Redeemed Myself With My 35 Rem

    Good job Ralph! Kind of looks like Santa Clause rear ended ya
  8. My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks Az ! That is exactly the kind of info I was looking for, I could find stuff about how folks could put a thousand dollar piece of glass on one and shoot tiny holes with expensive ammo . And no mention of reliability problems but there shouldn’t be with that kind of ammo through a rifle with that kind of price tag. Good to here it’ll eat what you feed it without hiccups. Jim
  9. My Latest Acquisition

    Very nice Az ! Not trying to hi jack your thread but I’ve been wondering for a couple years now if you grabbed one of those S&W M&P 10’s back when Buds was running their deal on them and if you did what’s your opinion on it . Jim
  10. Happy Thanksgiving Fellas

    Hey FC great weather here too ! Ive taken a break from the truck and am trying to get my beans picked while weve got good running , so I was on the combine till dark then came in and had a great meal with all the kids and grandkids. Now everybody has went to town doing the thanksgiving sale thing and left me with a full belly kicked back in the recliner trying to keep my eyes open. Been a perfect day! And I hope you all have had one every bit as great as mine, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Jim
  11. I Would Vote For Moore

    Karl this deal stinks all the way around ! I’m sure there are dirty politics behind this and I would not be the least bit surprised to find that the GOP is behind some if not the majority of it . I really wish I knew what the truth is . I will tell you this it sounded to me like if I recall correctly Moore admitted to dating teenage girls while he was in his thirties , with their parents permission. If this is true I have a hell of a problem with this no good POS and the girls parents as well. If not true then this guy has really been s*** on. But for me personally if the only TRUE thing in this whole stinking mess is he dated teenagers when in his thirties with their parents permission and didn’t “molest” them in any way shape or form ..... he needs killed very publicly and very damn slowly. And it won’t take much of anything to be better than a man of that low caliber period. Jim
  12. To Our Vets On Veterans Day

    Thank you all and God bless
  13. Got A New Truck Gun

    I’ve heard of them but never been in one. Orschelns down this way is the outfit I was talking about. The one closest to me is pretty sorry ,don’t know how they keep the doors open. Pet feed I’d reckon. But the store over at Osage Beach is much bigger ,hear it’s nice but have never been in it. Several have told me they put in a selection of over 100 long guns ,and the store down at Republic is advertising guns and ammo hot and heavy on the sign out front. Jim
  14. I Just Got My Grandpa's Savage 340

    Man that’s a slick old gun ! I’d tie a string on it and go kill a deer with it if I were you. Jim
  15. Employment Update.

    I hate it that things have taken the turn they have for you but at least you have something and I’m betting with your good stick with it attitude it won’t be long before something that suits you better comes along. Jim