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  1. Hello all, I have a few bolts I need bent ot welded. Do you all have any recomendations for someone who does this? I have three 98 style and one 96 Swedish bolt that i need done. Thanks for any recomendations. C-
  2. Cold Bluing Tips.

    Thanks for the tips. The flame bluing worked great. Project complete. Again gentlemen, thanks. C-
  3. Cold Bluing Tips.

    Any particular oil. I've just read that used engine oil works well. Not sure exactly why. C-
  4. Cold Bluing Tips.

    Flame bluing??? Whats that?
  5. Cold Bluing Tips.

    Hello all,yes the screws are magnetic. I gues ill just try again with a better cleaning. C-
  6. Cold Bluing Tips.

    Hello again. I just cold blued a marlin 336 and it came out beautiful but...the screws won't take the blueing. Any advice for getting the screws to take the bluing. I'm using the oxphoblue creme. So far I love the creme. It seems much easier to work with than the liquid. Thanks for any tips with the screws. By the way, I've already tried heating and polishing the parts.
  7. Sorry, the term was dysgenics. I tried to copy and paste the def. but its not working...I don't understand this site.
  8. Barrel Fitting.

    Thanks guys. Yes I measured both the extractor and the lug, the lug was closest. I also believe the chamber issue shouldn't be a big deal, just going to go slow. Piecing various parts from different rifles together is interesting to say the least. At least I'm learning alot. Thanks again.
  9. Barrel Fitting.

    Ok all, I just re-measured the receiver. From the face to the highest point on the bolt lug is .618". Current barrel shank is .634" , so... .618" - .005" for clearance = .613 overall. and... The barrel shank is .634" - 613" = .021" to trim. Sound right? The chamber will be recut with a finish reamer. Thanks, C-
  10. Barrel Fitting.

    Thanks for the replys. Wehad to put our dog down last night so it may be a bit before i get back on this. C-
  11. Barrel Fitting.

    Thanks guys. First off the barrel is a take off from an older project that I stared a while back. It was attached to the spanish receiver from another posr. It had to be trimmed to fit that receiver. Alos, the swedish receiver I'm using now has been cleaned up. I guess I'll research the specs a little bit and then figure out what I need to take off but I guess it will have to go to a machine shop. Thanks again. C-
  12. Spanish Mauser...thou Shall Not Covet.

    Today I converted the rifle to cock on opening. It helps with feeding quite a bit. Next comes shaping a new extractor that will grip the cartridge base better. Should be fun.
  13. Barrel Fitting.

    Hello guys, I am in search of advice. I am working on a Swedish mauser. The shank on the barrel I'm installing is too long. When screwed all the way in it locks up the bolt. I measured the shank and the distance from the receiver face to the highest point on the bolt. Allowing for .002 or .003 crush fit and .002 for bolt clearance I need to reove .020 from the barrel face. My question is, is there a way to take this off evenly without a lathe? Before I just start attacking the barrel with a file I was hoping to get some more ideas. Thanks for your ideas. c-
  14. Spanish Mauser...thou Shall Not Covet.

    What the #@%$. Why can't I upload a photo???