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  1. Which Would You Choose

    I would vote for the Mitchell. it will likely be in better shape but in this case, you aren't paying the premium for the Mitchell name. Those K31's are a sweet rifle that should be part of everyone's collection. I got a couple when they were $89. Slick action, pristine bores, straight pull action is a conversation starter, good ballistics.
  2. Hearing The Call Of The 7.62 Nagant Revolver

    I just shoot 32 H&H mag in mine.
  3. In a society where guns are illegal, only criminals will have guns. Too bad we have to rely on criminals for protection against terrorism.
  4. Got Me A Cobra 38 Deringer

    Don't stand too far away from your target.
  5. Got Me A Cobra 38 Deringer

    That is my current carry gun. Yes, the trigger is aweful, but I can carry it in my front pocket and I forget it is there. Make sure you have the safety on and the hammer back a bit before closing the barrel.
  6. Annual Physical

    Typical. Most of them don't know better. They get their training from the drug rep.
  7. Annual Physical

    Problem is, the pneumonia vaccine doesn't work. Pneumonia will only get you if your immune system is down. Getting a vaccine will supress your immune system further.
  8. More Dumb Questions

    Personally, I think that it is easier to pull the barrel than to drill and tap a blind hole. Especially with a small ring receiver, you don't have as much material to get a good thread to start with.
  9. Smoke

    It has been almost that bad around here. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, many days you can smell the smoke. You can look at the sun as a big orange ball. Hope all is well with you.
  10. Pattern 14 Dp

    I built my 458 on a DP and any welding certainly didn't soften that thing, I still think they molded it out of ball bearings,
  11. Happy Birthday Tony

    Hope you had a good one.
  12. Is Obama Correct?

    As long as we have to play by the rules and they don't, we will never win this war. We can at best keep them busy in their own back yard.
  13. And that is only one class of drugs. Most of the drugs that are pushed these days have side affects that are worse than the problem they are prescribed to treat. (Remember George Carlin's skit?) But, then you can always take another drug to cover up that side affect. Then look at the coctail of drugs that your liver has to sort out if you are the typical person over 50 or 60. Your MD will really look at you funny if you tell them you take no meds.
  14. So I Bought A Desert Eagle

    A friend brought over a Desert Eagle 50 AE a few years ago and asked me if I wanted to shoot it. Of course, being younger and stupider, I said yes. The torque of the bullet going down the barrel will twist your wrist. I found out after I shot it that he hadn't shot it yet and was kinda scared of it. Now, do you think I could sucker him into test firing my 458 Lott? I guess some people get smarter as they get older. I had to shoot it myself.