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  1. Rust Blueing

    I get acetone from the hardware store. it seems to work great.
  2. Remington 700 Barrels On Ebay

    People are bidding $500.00 to $600.00 for Remington barrels chamber in 308win and 223.
  3. What is driving the price of Remington 700 barrels on Ebay so high?
  4. Range Report On The Chinese Leupold Clones

    AZ, Are you still happy with your leupold clones? Thinking about getting one for my AR but wanted to see if you are still happy with your three?
  5. 7Mm-08 To 7X57

    Thanks guys for the information. I think this barrel will remain a 7mm-08.
  6. 7Mm-08 To 7X57

    I have recently acquired a 7mm-08 Remington barrel and plan on rethreading for a Turk action. I would prefer to re-chamber to a 7x57 if possible. I know even if I stay with the 7mm-08 I will have to deepen the chamber. Would it be enough to allow for the 7x57 ?
  7. 416 Ruger

    Z, is the 375 H&H in a standard length action? By the way, your work is impressive.
  8. Stupid Question

    It's by this thought process that some of our best cartridges have been developed.
  9. To Reblue Or Not To Reblue?

    Reblueing the firearm in most cases will decrease the value.
  10. Proud Of Myself!

    You did good if you left there without buying! I visited their showroom in 1993 while visiting friends in Prescott. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Beautiful town too.
  11. Vlad, I do alot of things on principle and that doesn't always equate to a financialy sound decision. I would walk in the deal, unless it was something I just had to have right away. If the seller didn't list it properly, or estimate the proper shipping, then the loss should be on him.
  12. Arisaka Type 99 Purchase

    Thanks Tinker, that is about what I have come up with too. I disassembled it today and cleaned it. Very suprised at the overall condition. The rifle obviously has not been shot since it saw service. While looking for information on it I found a post with someone discribing the same missing parts. This must have been what had to be removed for them to bring it home.
  13. I purchsed a Arisaka type 99 today for $40.00. The rifle is not complete. It is missing the firing pin, firing pin spring, safety, and rear sight. The mum is complete (not ground off). The person I purchased this from got it from his Grandfather who served in WWII. I'm thinking this may be a war trophy. I'm thinking of replacing the missing parts and keeping it in original conditional. The bore is dark but I haven't put a brush in it yet. the exterior is in very good condition. I don't want to spend more than the gun would be worth. My question is, how much would be a reasonable amount to spend in addition to the purchase price. Does anyone know a good source for parts in addtion to "GPC". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, RWims
  14. Walked Away From The Gun Show

    If your talking about the Dallas, Market Hall gun show, my son attended that one. He got in line at 8:15AM, the show opened at 9:00AM, and he said the line was already 75yds long. He said by 8:45AM he was feeling real good about where he was as the line had reached about 200 yds long.
  15. Ammunition Long Term Storage

    Hi Strait Shooter, thanks for the response. I'm thinking this might be the prudent thing to do.