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  1. I did a search on this topic here and on google but come up empty handed. Any help?
  2. Bsa Monarch

    Thank you! It is indeed a Monarch and the Deluxe model at that. And your memory is correct as I ordered a DNZ Game Reaper scope mount for it to fit the Remington 700. This BSA is the slickest and smoothest bolt action rifle I have ever cycled bar none.
  3. This might be old news to some of you here but it's new to me. I did business with these folks for years and was always satisfied and treated great. Hate to see them go and for the reason their gone. Just google samco global
  4. Well howdy and Happy New Year everyone! Local pawn shop has a very nice BSA Monarch in .30-06. I am liking it and more than likely will be bringing it home. Any folks here have one or any experience with them?
  5. Smle Barrel Removal Help Please

    I removed the barrel on a 1905 LSA last night. Boy was that thing ever tight. Monday, 7-27-15, I hope to have the barrel boxed up and on the way to J.E.S. ken98k how is the suspension change on your FXSTC working for you?
  6. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    Thanks fellows! Well off to the back burner with the Mosin for now then.
  7. Smle Barrel Removal Help Please

    Good looking bike. And looks like a well done job, well after you apply that locktite I was stationed at Fort Wainwright back in the early 1980's. I do miss Alaska!
  8. Smle Barrel Removal Help Please

    Ken, Dr.Hess is spot on with the Evo. In my opinion the Evo/Blockhead was the best big twin engine Harley had. Only reason I do not own one is that I just enjoy the Shovel so much. If your Evo starts to leak around the base gaskets there is an after market fix for that with gaskets and a press in jet. And check your alt./regulator rectifier plug in to make sure it fits snug to tight. A loose connection seems to cause the alt or the reg./rec. to go out Those are the only things I am aware of in the area of troubles. Dr.Hess you find or know of anything else? Dr.Hess check out page 3-24 in the 1978 1/2 to 1984 FL/FX Models 1200/1340 4-Speed factory manual. 79 FHL POS. They made them in that year too?
  9. Smle Barrel Removal Help Please

    "Shovelheads always needed a top end job done by 25-30K miles, no matter what you did to them." Fact. And the English bikes (the older Triumph, BSA's and Norton's) seem to need top ends more often than that. No matter what I preach to owners about warming up the engine before giving it the onion . I do not see to many Shovel's, or any other bike I repair or rebuild, with that many miles on them. But what I do see is abuse and neglect. But the Shovel and Ironhead Sportster's do require torque plates for boring as per Harley Davidson manual and suggested for the Pan, Knuckle and various Side Valves.
  10. Recoil Plates Needed

    I have a 1941 Lithgow. And I like it very much but it is either missing or never had recoil plates. I have looked but don't seem to be able to find a set. The third variation (aluminum) is what I would prefer. Or the specs to make my own. Thanks again.
  11. Smle Barrel Removal Help Please

    I rebuild motorcycle engines (American, Japanese and English). Harley Davidson requires a torque plate for boring and I have and use them. Though they are the only make that requires them. Once just for the fun of it I bored a friends Ironhead Sportster without the torque plates with his knowledge. I also bored the cylinders on my own Shovelhead without the plates. Using a dial bore gauge I could not tell the difference on the bores with or without the plates. The Sporty now has 15000 more plus miles on the engine and no problems, well outside of what is considered normal. Same for my old Shovel, though it only has around 10000 more miles on it after the rebuild. I suppose the point I am making is that some expert and professional (hopefully) determined that torque plates were required for Harley cylinder boring. And I use them. But just to satisfy my on curiosity I had to try without. I am really not about short cuts just the most beneficial way to do a job. I like to do it right. So that explains the question about the bolt being left in or taken out. You guys really did help with your replies and I do appreciate it!
  12. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    Thanks Spiris. Hmmmm, so I will have to ponder this some more.
  13. Smle Barrel Removal Help Please

    I have been taught that it is best to leave the bolt in on some rifles like the Swedish Mauser when removing the barrels as some of the actions can twist. Whether or not that is true I do not know. But I figure that many many before me have done this many times and I go by their advice and wisdom (until proven wrong). But I removed a barrel off of an 1906 BSA SHTLE last night without the bolt in it and it came off so easy I thought I was doing something wrong . I use a Brownells barrel vise & aluminum bushings and their action wrench with the model/action specific head. Though I had a friend make a head for me to remove barrels from U.S. Krags. I am a well equipped amateur bubba-hacker kinda smith :lol:
  14. Smoke

    Doesn't sound like the Alaska I remember from the very early 80's. 1980's that is .