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Found 1 result

  1. the semi-automatic firearm "debate" was lost here in 1996/7 when the emphasis by the police/antis/hoplophobes was on screaming "AUTOMATIC" to all and sundry - rather than saying self-loading.I lost two S/As both Rugers (10/22 & M44) and my 28" barrel Winch M120 and a Bently 18" Riot pump 12GAs in 1997. It was all I needed...then! I had reasonable compensation for my 4 and added a bit of +$$....so now I have 28 "gunz"in my safe(s). Real 'Aussie gun-control' and an example to the whole world? Greens don't think soIts more dangerous if they say 'semi-automatic' - towards a gullible and lied-to public; also many Greens still believe you can go into a sports store here and buy 'an automatic' = a machine gun!.....Yipes!! But that's how they win the one-sided media "debates" here.But it didn't stop mass-murders in Australia of course, they just used something else - including a hammer, arson (Childers Backpacker hostel), large knife etc., etc.In the quest to manage vertebrate pests (mostly introduced) in Australia the Howard Bans were a big backward step when semi-autos were effectively banned - for most of us.*My advice - don't give the Greens & Dimos a single f=+^^#ng inch.Give them one inch and they will take a mile - on a wave of sentimental grief, rapacious/self aggrandizing politicians and half-truths & slander on all gun owners.(Even in Oz - we get hit again and again every time a mass-murder via a "gun" happens in USA).Half-truths are called 'fake news' nowadays - I'm told - but it has worked well in the past against us.....
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