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  1. Fc Sent ya a note

    It’s the same Karl.
  2. Sometimes ya gotta change

    Try Roku. It's worth it. Rabbit ears if you want local TV. Dr. Hess's idea worked out well!
  3. SJW in gun shop

    I can't tell, but I think that's a semblance of a male.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NJUYZmxLbs&t=7s
  5. Passing The Hat Time

    I was just wondering if I could cancel them.
  6. Passing The Hat Time

    Good to have you back! We met the financial goal. I hate that this stuff happens at Christmas.. or anytime. Bills, bills.
  7. I'M BACK!

    Yea, you're back!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2By521mLME Neat story about his adventures as a POW.
  9. Didn't know that. I can't imagine what that engine is worth Leno has? I'd guess at least $300k.
  10. Thanks! Let me know when I can shut down Securi. I guess we keep BlueHost?
  11. Pass The Hat

    Thanks- goal met!
  12. Even Gen X to a degree. I got really irritated about a research proposal I wrote up for our VA on elderly substance abuse and the effect on moderate sedation. Two women in their 30s came by and listened to me, and said it sounded good. It was passed onto a Ph.D. nurse who does the in-house research, also in her 30s. The narcissist wouldn't allow it because I don't have a doctoral degree. I was to put it on my boss, who is overwhelmed. I got torqued and let my displeasure be known in an email. It was not abusive, but I was assertive and annoyed. The pretty woman I originally talked to said I made her uncomfortable, and she didn't want to communicate anymore! These sorts would utterly fail if they got into the military! Poor little things!
  13. Passing The Hat Time

    Thank you!
  14. Passing The Hat Time

    All done, thank you Wilding!