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  1. Bite them in the butt

    Wayne LaPierre had better come up with better ideas than arguing statistics and reasoning that criminals won't give up their weapons! What's the plan?
  2. Bite them in the butt

    Step-son and family were here for the weekend. He brought one of his ARs to shoot. Between him and his dad they've got at least half a dozen AR variants. Not my thing. One of them is a weird forearm stock-type thing.
  3. ARs

    Sad. Anyway, we can defend the right to own destructive devices, but may, in the end, lose the war. The PR war appears to be lost. Remember the Street Sweeper sho gun? It was as banned and we didn’t pay we The our guns. Tommy gun sales, same thing. Those lives lost, and Vegas too, weren’t worth it. I have a modified SKS, and I like it a lot. But in the wrong hands it’s capable of killing 40 people in a big hurry. My Winchester 94 can’t do that. I can tell you that many people I know feel that AR owners care more about their right to own one than the victims. Perceptions mean a lot. I can’t find it now, but a guy we know in his 20s, put up a political cartoon of Uncle Sam lying over the NRA, with bloody bodies around. “It’s okay, you’re safe!” Seeing a regular guy like him putting this up is a good sign. I’d rather see the NRA appear willing to negotiate. Problem is, there are no gun debates withige by as and cherry picking the statistics in their favor. Can all of us be trusted with ARs? Yeah, but what’s available to us is also available to gangs. What’s manufacturer is available, and what’s not manufactured is not.
  4. ARs

    Like I said before, AR-15s aren’t doing our cause any favors. Lever actions, bolt actions, and revolvers are 95% of what I use.
  5. Great victory

    The salute and a flag present gets me upset.
  6. Great victory

    AZ, I found an avatar for you.
  7. Great victory

    They pushed the envelope too far
  8. Great victory

    I had a great victory today over the seemingly unstoppable LGBT forces today. Myself and a retired Navy guy complained about an avatar of a soldier saluting with the rainbow flag behind him. No one responded. I stuck my neck out and complained to the hospital director. National VA was consulted and they said no to the avatar! These PC people aren’t used to losing.
  9. What's the dream?
  10. I just pour boiling water down the muzzle to clean black powder. Yeah, cleanup is a real pain in the butt.
  11. Now that's funny; I don't care who you are!
  12. I know the Sioux women chewed hides. Guess that’s where, “I’m gonna chew your hide” came from. Yeah, nothing to do but hunt, cook, make arrowheads and such.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWUCC00yGd8 Man that's a lot of work!
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mi-LXipDo8