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  1. In Sc

    Tony, Where in SC are you located?Drop me an email. stanward@charter.net Stan in SC
  2. Merry Christmas

    I started to head this up as "Seasons Greetings" but decided to change to what it is cause politically correct just ain't my thing.I don't have a chance to get on here much lately.This past year I had heart bypass surgery in June,from which I am recovering nicely,and that just changes a lot of activities.I do still drop in once in awhile to read.This is still the best no nonsense straight talk tell it like it is place on the internet. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL !!!!!!! Stan in SC
  3. Fritz Checking Out

    I don't get on here much anymore but when I do I head for this section to see what Fritz is into.I am very saddened to hear of his demise and offer my condolences to his family.Passing on is hard for the surviving family but especially so at this time of year.Rest in peace,Fritz. Stan in S C
  4. Growing Old

    Like Fritz,at age 66 I am much much kinder with myself.I'm kinder with most other people also.I do not now HAVE to be critical nor point out the mistakes of others.I sleep later,take more naps and forget more these days. Life is like a roll of toilet paper....the closer you get to the end,the faster it goes. Stan
  5. Prejudice In Immigration

    It is my understanding that there will be no more Mexican olympic teams due to the fact that all of them who can run,jump or swim are in the USA. Stan
  6. Prejudice In Immigration

    There's IMMIGRANTS and then there's CRIMINALS.Immigrants come in legally.Criminals swin the Rio Grande.Don't confuse the two. Stan
  7. Today's "what If"

    While you're sitting up there on that hill contemplating yourself,study your spelling."Salvages??"LOL. Stan
  8. Time For A New Fight.

    There was an old man from Nantucket....
  9. Today's "what If"

    If the indians had won would all of the white guys be running casinos and bingo parlors? Stan
  10. Emul8, Come Home

    Like a moth to a flame............
  11. Tyrvr, Rip

    Tye had a special sense of humor.He was a very unique person.I enjoyed many a verbal repartee with him on chat at Curio and Relic forum.I shall miss him. The true measure of immortality is not how long you live but how long you live on in the memory of those you touched along the way. The lion at Delhi sleeps but lives on. Stan
  12. Question

    Emul8 isn't mad at this forum.Of this I am sure or at least I think I'm sure.She doesn't come to the forum I usually see her on much either and she explained that since moving to New Mexico her internet time cost has risen sharply.That plus her new job have kept her absent for a lot of places she used to frequent. I will certainly pass along your best wishes to her. Stan
  13. Sporter Trigger Safety For Mosin

    That arrangement shown is a trigger block,not a true safety.A true safety will very slightly relieve the pressure on the cocked action so that there is no pressure on the trigger.There is always a chance that the rifle could fire using a trigger block. The Mosin safety is a true action pressure reliever but in some cases many people find them difficult to use.This has been solved by Jim R(The boltman) who adds a ring onto the back of the cocking piece kind of like a K-31.I have one of these and it is hard to believe how easy it makes the Mosin safety to use. Stan
  14. Where Is The Ole Grumpy Ty!

    Ah,the lion of Delphos roars yet once again.
  15. Our Country Is Being Stolen

    I have long resented the incursion of illegal Mexicans into our country and the fact that they are able to obtain services and money which they never contributed to.I firmly feel that they should assimilate in a legal way if at all.I resent the fact that I have to press a certain keypad number to hear and speak my native language. Take a different perspective on this and come face to face with history. The white man came to America starting in the late 15th. century.They did what they needed to do to live and provide for their families,took advantage of the resources available to live,totally disregarded the rights of and in cases caused the demise of the existing native population.They sent goods and wealth back to Europe.They crossed the country in their various chosen methods of transportation and took over where ever they settled.They spoke their native tounge and only learned enough of the existing native language to get along. Eventually through sheer strength of numbers they completely took over and transformed the new land they had come to.This was all done because they felt they had a "right" to do all of this. The native population saw with much alarm what was happening and resented this incursion into what they "thought" was their land.They even went to war and eventually were defeated and displaced by and even in some cases completely eradicated by theses settlers,as they were called. Now good people you can compare this happening to what is occuring today in our country and you can better understand how the American indian felt and see what happened to him.Congratulations,you have come face to face with history. Stan