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Want To Buy A 19.5 Inch 7X57 Barrel


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Hello out there,

I was wondering if anyone would happen to have a 19.5 inch 7x57 large ring barrel they would like to sell? I have a 1922 Brazilian carbine that I want to replace the barrel. I'm looking for one of the in the white new old stock barrels, in pristine shape if possible.

I've looked on Sarco, Numrich, and all over the internet, and cannot find any, or they are refurbished or rusted/pitted. I've also been keeping an eye on Gunbroker and ebay without any luck.


Does anyone have any experience using or fitting these barrels? I'd like to have the old barrel removed and and the sights put on the new barrel, keeping the gun as original as possible, as all the parts have matching numbers.


The bore is pretty rough, and I had it recrowned to see if that would help, but shots are still all over the place.


If any one has one for sale or has any suggestions it would be appreciated.



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Ever since our great leader took office the source for those barrels has dried up.


Once in a great while ebay has one but its pot luck to find a good one.


If the owner says it's used and rifling is good be prepared to find out the rifling is washed out. [don't ask how I know]


About the only way to get a good barrel off ebay is if the thing is new.


Even midway is out of their green mountain F34 and F54 barrels.


If you find a source could you please share it with me. I would like to some day own a barrel.

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If you're willing to pay the bucks. Some barrel makers can duplicate the outside dimensions. Sporter Express before he got out of Mausers and into AR's sold some newly manufactured Mauser military replacement barrels. Just a long shot but it is possible he might have one or know a source. I can't vouch for the quality but I recall several years ago somebody getting one for an 8MM and somebody else getting one chambered in 308. Best I recall they was pleased. I just can't recall who it was.

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Thanks for the suggestions and tips. I keep looking at ebay and gunbroker to see if I can find one, and check out sporter express. I found out Douglas can duplicate contours too, but that route is looking more expensive than I would like at this time. I'm also trying to check with gunsmiths around to see if someone has one.

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