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$250.00 Carcanos


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Thought this might be of interest to somebody. The fine print says as is so my guess they are in sad shape. I had a 6.5 Beretta Carcano. It was missing the nose cap and at the time, late 80’s. SARCO was the only one that had the missing part and it was about 70 bucks. I only paid 25 for the rifle. It was surprisingly accurate with mil-surp ammo but I was never able to duplicate with hand loads. Needed a long round nose heavy bullet for the progressive rifling. At the time I was fooling with it the only 6.5 bullets available to hand loaders were slightly smaller in diameter, shorter and lighter. My guess the commercial bullets just didn’t properly grab the progressive rifling. 

Cant get the link to work. If interested it’s the Palmetto Arsenal that’s selling them.



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