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What laser bore sight


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I bought laser bore sight for a 7x57 and got one for REM. 7mm Mag. Read reviews and is common problem with all brands. Crazy thing is sticker said 7mm, then noticed another sticker under it that was 30-30. Package has no other brand name or model number. Was suppose to be getting Sightmark SM39032. 

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I have one of the universal ones that has a collet and adapters.  You stick it in the muzzle.  It will get you on paper.  I question those cartridge types.  It would be pretty easy to have one slightly off center and have error come in that way.  For example, I have a laser practice tool in 9mm, PinkRhino brand.  I put it in my SIG P226 Legion.  Where the laser spot hits in reference to the sights depends on how it is clocked in the chamber.  I saw some 7x57 advertised ones on ebay.  On close inspection, they were 7x57 RIMMED, not regular 7x57.

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