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Polytech M-14


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I just bought a Polytech m-14.     These were imported into the US until Clinton banned the importation in the 90's.

Now for a 600 mile round trip to pick it up. I'll post some photos Sunday.

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I remember when those came out.  I've heard fairly good things about them. Let us know.


I am getting my first 308 rifle.  Or building it, it depends.  Or both maybe.  Small ring Spanish Mausers.  I don't have any 308 brass, so I'll have to make some from 30-06.


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Here's what I got. Polytech M14S. Came with 4 mags, three 20 rounders (2 of the 20's are loaded) and one 5 round. Also came with a Bassett scope mount.
I have not fired
it yet but I did find that the safety catch wont engage. I removed the trigger group and found that if I push down on the hammer slightly the safety will operate so It looks like I'll have to do a little file work there.
Including gas to go pick it up, I've got under a grand into it, so I think I did okay.

m14s right.jpg

m14s left.jpg

Bassett Mount.jpg

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Looks nice.  I was talking with the Chinese woman at work one day and mentioned that Chinese firearms, post revolution, are generally of excellent quality.  A bit rough in finish, perhaps, but otherwise quite reliable and do what they are designed to do.  Chinese SKS, AKM (MAK90), 1911a, etc.  She was surprised. 

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I have a Norinco 1911A1 that I bought at a pawn shop.  It is very high quality, as good as a Colt.  Az used to say that custom 1911 gunsmiths would look for those to build their custom guns on because the steel was higher quality than anything else. 

I personally think that the Clinton ban on Chinese firearms and ammo was a good thing.  It caused the U.S. to start manufacturing guns and ammo here, instead of buying Chinese stuff, the guns being high quality, at a fraction of the price.  Remember the cheap SKS?  You could buy one for $80, brand new.  And wholesale was a fraction of that, like $20 or something by the pallet.  We could not produce the stock alone for that price point.  Anyway, because of Clinton's Chinese gun ban, we now have a healthy, robust American gun industry.  I rather suspect that was NOT what the Clintons had in mind when they did that.  Unintended consequences, like every other government mandate/law.

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  • 7 months later...

Is this a stock Polytech, or has it been modified with a new bolt?  Lots of people change the bolt, since the Chinese made them to slightly longer NATO headspace specs.  Chinese bolt will be unmarked on top, USGI bolt will have the manufacturers code and numbers on top.

Things to watch out for on a Polytech.

The flat washer type spring in the rear site elevation knob may not be strong enough, so the sight knob may not hold zero.  Easy fix.  Replace with USGI M-14(marked to 10 meters) or Garand(marked to 12 yards).  

Trigger may be soft.  Easy fix.  Replace with USGI M14 or Garand.  Might as well replace the hammer spring and trigger pin while you have it apart.

Recoil spring may be a bit short.  Replace with USGI or Orion 7 spring. I think the Chinese had issues with their springs.

If you replace the stock with a USGI, or aftermarket, you will have to glue in a spacer(popsicle stick piece works well), or a blob of epoxy inside the stock to prevent the shorter Chinese connector lock from walking out.

Note, you may not have any of these issues.  But, I have 3, and helped a buddy get one, and I had to do the trigger and sight knobs on his and one of mine.  So, I did all of them.

Polys are good, well made, and you did not get hurt at that price. The barrels are chrome lined, and are good.  Op rods are forged one piece.

The threads are metric.  So, a USGI castle nut may not work on a Poly barrel. Polytechs work just fine with USGI magazines.  There have been some reports that Check Mate magazines has difficulty locking into place(too tight).  I have one CM mag, and it does have that issue with my Polytechs. Bassetts are good mounts, but the angled mount like what you have is a bit harder to get the ring height correct one.  I have 5, and they all are the picatinney rail type.  If you go high mount, you will need a cheek piece.  I like the TNVC, because they have a pocket for the mont tool, and a couple of Allen wrenches to work on the scope.

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As far as I know, it's a stock China made rifle.

I haven't even looked at it since early in the winter but as I recall, I abandoned the Bassett mount and picked up a cheapie on e-bay, but it seems to work.

Yes the rear sight is jacked up. 

I had a very hard time getting the safety to go on. I did some work on it with my Dremel and got it to work but it still needs more.

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