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Good bye to Desert Eagle


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I think for brown bear defense, that revolver is ideal.  Note that all I know about that is what I've read, mostly in SGN/FN.  The DE, while a fun, interesting gun, is just ergonomically bad unless your hands are the size of Andre the Giant.  Well, Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I have had no problems reliability wise with the DE when I shoot the 44MAG barrel.  I can shoot it reliably one handed in that.  357MAG, well, I don't think I have hot enough ammo for it.  50AE and 429DE, I can't hold on to it hard enough with 2 hands to get it to function.  But 44MAG is just perfect for mine.  Again, ergonomically useless for defensive purposes, but way cool.

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My Desert Eagle was not bad at all as far as recoil, it was however, essentially a single shot pistol as it was very likely unlikely to return to battery. 

I have complete faith that the Anaconda will fire each and every time I pull the trigger.

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Made it to the range on Saturday to check out the Anaconda. Accuracy was about 3" at 25 yards. I'm sure someone with better eyes could do better. 

I was shooting  Underhill 185 grn JHP and recoil seamed pretty stout, but I may be spoiled from shooting mostly 9mm for the last couple years.

 I need to take out my Ruger Red Hawk for a sxs comparison.

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