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Making a Hinged Trigger Guard for an Intermediate Mauser

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It's been a while since I posted, but I thought I would post pics of my latest idea.  Sporterizing Intermediate Mausers is not hard, though it can be problematic due to lack of aftermarket parts.  MOST standard Mauser parts will fit and work.  But, there aren't any hinged trigger guards in 8mm length out there that will work.  Those for the Model 95/96 are usually made for 7mm, and while the screw spacing is correct, the magazine box is not the right length. The Intermediate Yugos are nice to work on, since most are in good condition, having never been abused in a war. They are a perfect length for 243W/308W, 257 Roberts, and a 25-06 will also fit.

So, after giving it some thought, taking measurements, and looking at several TGs, I found a donor commercial TG on eBay that someone had drilled a series of holes in it to lighten it. Perfect for my intentions, since that part will be discarded anyway.  I took it and an Intermediate Mauser(24/47) trigger guard and cut off the TG bows as close to the rear wall of the box as possible.  Then had a neighbor with a wired feed  MIG weld the commercial TG bow to the Military TG box. I would have preferred to TIG, but I didn't know anyone who had a TIG welder. I also had him fill in the locking screw hole behind the front TG screw.  I took a Parker Hale/Santa Barbara hinged floor plate and used it as a pattern to open up the TG for the hinge tongue.  Note:  There is a difference between an Interarms MkX/Zastava 70 and a PH/SB tongue. After that, I drilled the hinge pin hole.  

Once all that was done, it was fairly simple matter to grind/file the floor plate to fit the new box, and clean up the welds.  Filing and grinding is done at the rear only. The finished TG was then parkerized to match the rest of the rifle.  It turned out better than I expected.  it was not as hard as I expected.  The "hardest" part was getting the two halves lined up properly.  It's very close, but not perfect.

It 's now on my Yugo based 243Win with it's PH barrel.








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That's a good project.  I think the 243 WIN is highly underappreciated.  The 6mm wonder cartridges get all the press, but the 243 was there decades before them.

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Nice work!

I have one that Don Markey built years ago but I've not gotten around to using it yet.

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